I Only Hold 1 Bitcoin, Real Vision CEO Raoul Pal Reveals

Raoul Pal, millionaire investor and entrepreneur has disclosed how much bitcoin he holds. This cryptocurrency is one he was known for actively promoting in the past. In what was a shocking revelation, the CEO and founder of Real Vision posted his bitcoin holdings on Twitter, which turned out to be lower than everyone’s expectations. Pal admitted that he owned only one bitcoin.

Raoul Pal has only 1 Bitcoin.

A CEO was involved in a heated Twitter argumentAfter Foss made a slur about Pal, Foss reacted with Greg Foss. In a response to another user who defended the CEO saying they liked him, Foss explained that he was “just calling out the BS.” This is where Pal came into the conversation demanding to know what exactly it was that Foss was accusing him of as he’d like to know.

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Foss went on explaining that Pal did not support his trading method being promoted to less-informed traders. Foss pointed to bond math. Pal however disagreed with Foss’s assessment, stating that he did not hold his views on bonds as a philosophy, rather just a mechanism which he uses to trade.

Pal was eventually elected to the throne. statingHow much Bitcoin he owns, it turns out it is only one bitcoin. The founder and CEO of Real Vision explained that it was because of the bitcoin community’s approach to inclusion that led to this decision. Pal expressed disappointment at being excluded from the bitcoin community for having a view that was different to the mainstream.

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BTC prices recover above $43,000| Source: BTCUSD on TradingView.com

“This is why I hold only one bitcoin, the community has lost sight of inclusion and you sir, are helping reduce the network effects by excluding people who don’t share your view from the network,” said the CEO.

The argument ended when Greg Foss conceded and admitted that he had wrongly attacked Pal. Foss sent another tweet in which he apologized to Pal.

Crypto not entirely out

Raoul Pal does not believe that crypto is completely out of his control, regardless of what he thinks about the Bitcoin community. As evidenced by the fact that Pal tweeted that he has one Bitcoin, bitcoin cannot be completely dismissed. Pal is now focusing on other areas in crypto. The CEO, based on the comments he made not long ago is more positive about ethereum that he is with bitcoin.

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Pal mentioned in November that bitcoin had outperformed ethereum in the past months. While Pal remains a bullish investor in bitcoin, he believes ethereum is the best investment option going forward.

Pal, a month prior to this announcement, had been informed that he reached the highest personal position in his life using ethereum. Pal explained that he has the digital asset, which he had placed at $20,000 by the end of the first quarter 2022. This is less than six months from now.

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