How to Find the Right Buyer for Your NFT

NFTs continue to be used in a variety of applications, even with the downturns in the crypto market. NFTs will not be going away, which is a sign of a promising buying opportunity.

NFTs, a brand new technology that is still in development, presents buyers and sellers with challenges. It’s difficult for both to locate the best NFTs. LUDO (a company) is developing its platform in order to make the user experience easier. It’s difficult today to find the best NFTs because there is no optimization of aggregation or organic exposure. They will be changing all that with Ludo’s tools.

The NFTs are extremely popular and have experienced a 200x rise in trading volumes to $21.5 billion by the end of 2021. This growth however has led to market saturation. There are so many NFT projects out there that it is hard to spot promising ones.

OpenSea, Rarible, and other leading NFT platforms have been able to connect buyers and sellers. However, they are limited in their reach and promotional activities. This gap is especially important because most existing NFT marketplaces don’t allow creators.

NFT markets tend to focus more on trading volume than customer turnover. But while ‘trending’ projects get much push from the platform’s algorithm, others remain undiscoverable. Because there’s no way for users to search the platform and find small projects, they can be difficult to find those that don’t rank in the top 100. It is also difficult for creators to sell their NFTs, even if they are highly fashionable or have large marketing budgets. Everything would be different if there was a  ‘explore’ section helping buyers find projects according to their tastes and interests. It would empower creators and increase their chance of selling. Ludo helps with this.

LUDO, All-In One NFT Platform

Ludo, a metasearch engine that aggregates data from users to maximize discoverability of NFT collections, is data-driven. A set of profile tools and features help you stand out among the rest and find buyers that share your interests. The metaverse offers users a customized experience that is tailored to them based upon an AI-based profiling algorithm. Users can also connect their digital wallets.

One could think of Ludo as being the new optimizer for the space, in the same way, Google optimizes ads and search functions according to the users’ profiles.

Ludo, an app store, recommends similar apps for users who like them. This could include NFTs and metaverse collectibles as well as other non-fungible objects. Creators such as you can get maximum value from all types of NFTs by using this method instead of relying solely on viral marketing.

Opensea, a marketplace that allows anyone to buy anything from anybody, is the best example of this. For creators, this leads to oversupply and low discoverability. Ludo however is a tool which would connect buyers and sellers according to user profiles. This opens up exciting new possibilities for both.



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