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Mooncoin, a cryptocurrency decentralized project that uses blockchain technology is designed to invent and grow a Blockchain as well as create an environment for scientific and social interactions. Moon ecosystem is designed to facilitate fast and safe monetary transactions.

Moon is a digital currency that can be used worldwide, and it’s faster than Bitcoin. It’s designed for frequent global micro-transactions with a maximum supply of 384 billion coins. The Moon and Earth are separated by one centimeter. This figure was calculated using the coin-per-millimeter method.

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Mooncoin (MOON), What’s it all about?

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Mooncoin is designed to facilitate fast, secure transactions as well as the execution of innovative ventures. Moonword’s benefits include low transaction fees and a lightweight blockchain. They also offer fast block times, high fee circulation, and high transaction fees.

Mooncoin’s current algorithm is a Scrypt-based Proof-of-Work. Mooncoin has its own programming language, MoonWord. This allows for the creation of a Decentralized Application (DApp), and record-keeping on the blockchain. Mooncoin’s technical specifications make it possible to record informational transactions directly onto the blockchain.

Mooncoin (MOON) is a P2P (peer-to-peer) cryptocurrency that’s “people-oriented,” reliable, fast, and transparent. MOON was created as a Fair Coin, i.e., it didn’t hold an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) and wasn’t pre-mined. The launch model made sure everyone was able to have equal access to the coins from the very beginning.

Start by looking at the Mooncoin market price, current supply and 24-hour trading volume. CoinStatsOne of the most popular crypto platforms.

Mooncoin (MOON), Key Features

In addition to the protocol’s native MOON coin, the Mooncoin ecosystem offers its users such products as the MoonwalletAnd Mooncard. Moonwallet allows you to save assets, increase value and receive rewards. Mooncard allows you to spend your coins as you wish, tax-free. Mooncoin investors get the following advantages:

Quick Transactions

Mooncoin customers can make fast transactions in as little as 90 seconds.


A reliable cryptocurrency is one that has an abundant supply and a reliable network.

Transact private and anonymous

Mooncoin transactions can be kept private and anonymous.


Mooncoin is an open-source cryptocurrency built on community. It adheres to the principles of decentralization and has a user-oriented design.

Mooncoin: Where, How, and When to Trade and Sell (MOON).

Our step-by-step guide to buying Mooncoin is here:

Step 1: Purchase Bitcoin and Ethereum

You cannot purchase MOON directly. However, you can buy Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and then exchange BTC/ETH with Mooncoin. Make sure you get the best wallet to purchase Bitcoins. Bitcoins are only allowed to go to Bitcoin wallets. Ethereum cannot go to Ethereum wallets. Please read our How to Buy EthereumFor a step-by–step guide on buying Ethereum, please refer to this article

Step #2: Find an Exchange

Once you’ve purchased BTC or ETH, you must transfer it to a cryptocurrency exchange that supports Mooncoin currency. There are many cryptocurrency exchanges that allow you to easily buy Moon. When choosing an exchange to buy MOON, you should consider security, transaction fees and ease-of-use. Also, be aware of supported payment options such as bank accounts, fiat money, debit cards, and credit cards. 

Two types of crypto-exchanges are distinguished: the centralized cryptocurrency exchange (CEX), or the decentralized crypto exchange (DEX).

CEXs often have to be regulated by government agencies like the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC), in the U.S. Some traders take the regulation as an advantage, as they perceive it to reduce their risks, while others view the crypto market as a “free trade” space and take governmental regulations as an intrusion of privacy and personal choice. Data hacks and malware are easier for CEXs. A CEX, on the other hand, is more likely than a CEX to carefully choose its listings and minimize exposure to scam or rug pulling projects.

DEXs, on the other hand, give traders all the freedom, and, unlike CEXs, the transaction process doesn’t include any intermediary. This exchange uses smart contracts which allow crypto asset traders to transact without the involvement of a regulatory body. The exchanges use an automated market maker that removes intermediaries from the trade and gives users full control of funds. The platform does not have funds and is peer to peer, which reduces cyberattack risk. The DEX works over blockchain. A DEX charges only the applicable gas fee on any particular blockchain (e.g. the Ethereum blockchain).

Step 3: Sign up for an account 

You must first choose a cryptocurrency exchange to purchase Moon. The following information is required by most platforms:

  • Full name
  • Number of the phone
  • Email Address
  • Address at home
  • Number for social security
  • A copy of your driver’s license, passport, or government-issued identification. 

To buy Mooncoin, most centralized exchanges require Know Your Customer (KYC), which is a way to verify your identity and take a photo.

Step 4: Select a payment method

So, what’s the best payment method for buying Mooncoin? Mooncoins can be bought directly by using Bitcoins. Then, you can exchange them for MOON tokens.

Step #5: Get Mooncoin

You can buy Mooncoin once your account is verified. Select a trading pair, then click Buy MoonCoin. The exchange page will redirect you there. From here, you can deposit supported currency and then swap it with Mooncoin currency. 

Step 6: Make a secure wallet

You will need a crypto wallet in order to store the coins earned from crypto mining after you purchase Mooncoin.

Although you have the option to store your MOON tokens online, most traders prefer that their digital assets are kept in private wallets. There are two types of Software Wallets (Hot Wallet and Hardware Wallets) that we distinguish.

If you’re looking to trade Mooncoin regularly, software or hot wallets from your selected crypto exchange will suit you. Software wallets make it easy and simple to use.  Software wallets store keys online so are less secure that hardware wallets. But, they’re easy to use and great for those who have just a few tokens.

Then try this CoinStatsYou can manage all of your assets from multiple exchanges with a single platform called Wallet

Because they provide offline storage and significantly reduce the risk of hacking, cold wallets or hardware are often the best way to keep your cryptocurrency safe. The pin secures them and erases all information after several failed attempts. This prevents physical theft. Hardware wallets allow you to sign and confirm transactions via the blockchain. This gives you extra protection from hackers, phishing sites and malware. For experienced users with large token amounts, these wallets are better suited.

Ledger Nano, which stores your coins securely with a key private and is accessible without the need for an internet connection, is one of our most trusted hardware wallets.

Track Mooncoin With a Crypto Portfolio Tracker

CoinStats portfolio tracker
CoinStats crypto portfolio tracker

crypto portfolio trackerThis tool is essential to help you keep track of your cryptocurrency investments in just a few clicks. You can integrate the best crypto portfolio trackers with your exchange and crypto wallet accounts. This will allow you to keep your assets together and show how much your portfolio is worth.

An app for crypto portfolio management connects to different crypto wallets and services. It gives you an overview of all your holdings and your total portfolio balance. Portfolio monitoring systems can track cryptocurrency in real-time, provide live updates and alerts when prices fluctuate, and allow users to monitor all trades and view the exchange feed. It is easy to make educated decisions regarding how and when you should take profits, or rebalance your portfolio.

When choosing the perfect portfolio tracker, it is important to consider your own preferences. These include your goals, investment style, trading strategies and coin watchlist.

These are the key points to remember:

Exchanges and Supported Currencies 

A portfolio tracker must support all cryptocurrency exchanges that you are a member of. Trades can also be synced between multiple exchanges.

The crypto portfolio tracker must also support the digital currency you prefer.


Some trackers offer free services, and others are paid for. Make sure to carefully review each plan and to see what others have to say.


A portfolio tracker’s dashboard and interface should be intuitive to allow for easy access to all your assets across multiple exchanges. Your trades are automatically tracked by the dashboard, which displays accurate data for crypto assets stored in different exchange wallets.


Consider security when selecting a portfolio monitor. 2-factor authorizationsOther safety measures to safeguard your assets, private information and financial records. Look out for crypto trackers that access only your balance, and not your money.


You can choose portfolio trackers that offer more than just crypto tracking.

Last words

Mooncoin (MOON), which specializes in micropayments, aims to be a worldwide currency. This cryptocurrency is a strong advocate for community engagement and customer support. It offers quick, inexpensive transactions. Mooncoin allows you to send bitcoins and control how the data is recorded onto the Blockchain.

Mooncoin has Smart Likes, a distributed platform that is part of the ecosystem. This platform is a way to make money from your likes.

Mooncoin works well with many different kinds of projects. Mooncoin is a platform that aims to make it easy for users to access the blockchain. This will allow them to either earn money, or create their own projects.

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Mooncoin, a cryptocurrency platform that is decentralized and aims to facilitate fast and secure money transactions. The project’s vision is to innovate and expand a Blockchain and create an ecosystem that facilitates social and scientific interactions.

Moon is a digital currency that can be used worldwide, and it’s faster than Bitcoin. It’s designed for frequent global micro-transactions, with a maximum supply of 384 billion coins.

Mooncoin is flexible, and can support different kinds of projects and Blockchains. This allows you to send Bitcoins to Mooncoin addresses and to fully manage the recording of information onto the blockchain.

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