How Salim Elhila Created a Business Empire from His Small Room in His Parents Apartments in Casablanca

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C.S. Lewis once said, “You never know what you can do until you try, and very few try and unless they have to.” For Salim Elhila, his desire to try came from the point of despair. In this article, learn about this inspirational story of how Salim went through a self-development journey to become a mentor to others. 

Freedom and Desire

In 2017, Salim was desperate to find freedom. Although he had an excellent nine-to-five job abroad where he was working in the Artificial Intelligence field, he did not feel fulfilled. His degree in Mathematical Engineering and Statistical Modeling acquired him this well-paying job and a fabulous lifestyle. However, he had a bigger vision. He wanted to make an impact on the world, and against all the odds, he quit his job and sailed into new tides altogether.

That is how Salim got into entrepreneurship in e-commerce and digital marketing. Soon after he got his degree, he opened his first e-commerce business: a marketplace where he sold trendy products to people worldwide. He found great success in e-commerce, and within no time, he had established multiple successful online businesses.

Still, Salim had the desire to do more. He realized that his e-commerce business lacked human interaction. He wanted to make an impact on others. Salim has always been passionate about helping others thrive. Being an introvert once, Salim knew the value of human connection and empowerment. He had been able to learn new things by diving into the self-help world. The skills he had gained allowed him to start e-commerce businesses successfully, and he wanted to help aspiring entrepreneurs do the same. 

Building a community

Salim began building a community of entrepreneurs on YouTube and Facebook, coaching people to create their own successful businesses. After seeing great success with his students, Salim wanted to upscale and help more people. He started a mentorship program that, in 4 weeks, was able to take someone from being a beginner to making more than 1k euros per day. Helping people grow and achieve quantum leaps by breaking their limiting beliefs was profoundly fulfilling for Salim.

Salim then created an online course combining all the knowledge he gained in e-commerce, digital marketing, and e-learning. 

In 2019, after the successful creation of businesses in e-commerce, with advanced branding strategies and several hundred thousand customers around the world, Salim Elhila chose to focus exclusively on e-learning and co-founded Learning Master with his business partner Djibril Mara.

Having a vision

Every step that Salim takes brings him closer to his dreams. When he quit his job, Salim focused on making his new venture into e-commerce a success. A lack of experience did not deter him. Rather, he embraced the new field by learning everything he could about the sector. Salim read books and sought to learn from any opportunity. He wanted to succeed. In record time, he started multiple successful e-commerce businesses, selling to hundreds of thousands of people across the globe. 

Desire for fulfillment

Salim has taken bold steps that not many of us would not dare. His drive comes from the desire to help others achieve success. He wants to leave a mark by training business owners to achieve their full potential. Salim is a thought-leader. By putting the needs of others first, Salim is finding success and fulfillment in his unique way. 

Understanding what works 

Venturing into a new field altogether, meant that he had to learn the ropes of the sector. He invested in one thing, sharpening his skills and knowledge. Salim went from selling products to sharing knowledge. It is the knowledge of the industry that helped him succeed. Now he has gone further to assist others in discovering new opportunities, armed with that knowledge. 

The digital space is full of opportunities. Whether you are selling products or services or teaching others, there is no limit to what you can do. Salim chose to use the digital space to reach thousands of people and help them discover their full potential. His new company, Learning Master, has a specific program that helps people create their  online businesses from zero. He is leaving a trail of impact, and this is just the beginning. Learn more about his work here