How Projects are Revolutionizing Crypto Staking Through Referral Programs

Staking used to be a reserved activity for professionals in crypto. But now it’s a popular practice among all players in the sector. Anyone can now earn passive income from their crypto assets with just a few clicks on any centralized or decentralized exchange. Binance and Coinbase, two of the most popular centralized crypto exchanges in recent years, have made it possible for users to stake their coins. This has led to many decentralized, or DEXs following suit.

In 2021, the DeFi boom was at its peak. More than $110 billion of value had been locked onto decentralized platforms. Staking quickly became a lucrative way to make passive income and reap the rewards of investment. Ethereum 2.0 passed the $34 Billion mark in staked total on January 3, 2022. Its potential continuation of this explosive growth. Many platforms offered only staking rewards to their users as a viable way of passively earning income despite the increase. One DEX, Hashbon, aims to change this by adding a reward system that complements staking with them – the staking referral program.

Hashbon, one of the first cross-chain DEXs, announced the launch of their own staking program, “Hashbon Rocket”, last December to give HASH holders an opportunity to earn the highest possible APY and APR among all the available staking opportunities. Midway through the month, the ‘Hashbon Rocket Staking Referral Program’ launched, providing all HASH holders with an additional revenue stream.

Hashbon DEX announces its Staking Referral Program

Hashbon DEX has expanded its earnings potential with the introduction of a unique referral program for staking. This follows a fantastic reception to the program over the past month. The Hashbon Staking Referral Program allows people to invite their friends and family to the platform and earn 10% of their friends’ staking earnings. A statement states that every HASH staker has the option to share the link with friends or family, and receive 10% from the reward earned by the referee during staking.

Hashbon provides users with a secure and inexpensive platform for swapping tokens between multiple networks. This helps newbies on their path to decentralized finance (DeFi). Hashbon provides a platform that lets merchants take payments in more than 30 crypto currencies, and allows users to stake or DEX. Referrals are a great way to earn, and you can even vote for Hashbon Rocket.

Hashbon, unlike other staking platforms offers token staking via both ERC20 or BEP20. For their reward, HASH token holders can use Unifarm’s BSC chain or Unifarm to stake them. Higher APR is available for those who stake longer periods. According to the company’s statement, any user barring U.S. citizens can participate in the staking or referral programs. The platform’s smart contract and token code are audited by CertiK to protect them from manipulation or hacks, which could lead to the loss of users’ funds.

How referrals in crypto staking should be an option

The next great breakthrough in crypto staking is likely to come from referrals. With every project offering “high APRs”, referral programs give a standout appeal to new users, while being the most effective way to generate leads to the projects. Forbes states that referrals are the best marketing strategy and the one with the greatest ROI.

Rewarding users for referring others could help you grow your crypto-staking group. Grigory Bibaev is the CEO and founder of Hashbon. Referrals play a key role in the development of Hashbon’s DEX, staking platform, and payment gateway. Finally, the platform aims to “satisfy the community’s CeFi and DeFi cravings” by offering new rewarding opportunities for every user joining the platform, Bibaev added.


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