How Houseparty Goes Beyond Video Conferencing to Create Memorable Experiences

The Greatest Memories are the Ones You Don’t Plan

In other video conferencing apps, scheduling is key. You need to discuss schedules with other participants, make a plan, ensure that everyone’s availability lines up, and send out an invite (if you’re the host for the video conference). This approach works great in business settings, but it’s not quite the right approach for having chill conversations or remote parties with your friends or family.

Houseparty is different. With Houseparty, you can be notified whenever your friends happen to be using the app. Then, simply open the app and you’ll be connected via video. It’s an amazing way to have spontaneous conversations and hangs with your favorite people. Plus, you always have the option to plan parties in advance with Houseparty, too.

Video Conferencing is for Work. Houseparty is Made for Play.

When you open a video conferencing app, it’s very clear that it’s designed for work. It’s all business, from the color scheme and user interface to the way that specific speakers or hosts are in control. 

With Houseparty, there’s no work allowed. The user experience is bright and clean, fun features are built into the app and available at a touch during a party, and you can customize your appearance using a range of artistic backdrops from actual visual artists using the new [Frames] feature. Leave the dry, boring video applications for work. Houseparty is made for play.

Speaking of Play, How About Some Games?

Just because you and your friends can’t all get together in person shouldn’t mean that playing games together has to go out the window. Even apps that allow for remote gaming aren’t really anything like the real thing— you take a turn, then somewhere, completely invisible to you, your friend takes their turn, and then it’s your turn again.

But Houseparty wanted to get as close as possible to the experience of in-person game playing. They combine a killer roster of games (Heads Up!, UNO, Trivia, and more) with live interaction with your friend group. You can see everyone playing as well as your gaming interface, and launching a game during a party is as easy as pressing the dice icon to get going. 

Seamlessly Integrated Into Your Life

Remember those notifications from earlier? Houseparty lets you fully customize which notifications you receive, and how often. You can set your notifications to only alert you for specific people, specific circles, and other parameters that you can decide. It’s Houseparty’s way of making sure that the app fits into your life, rather than you trying to fit your life around Houseparty. Spontaneous doesn’t have to mean distracting, after all.

Want to learn more about Houseparty? Try it for yourself! Download Houseparty today from your phone’s app store.