Holiday Message from CoinStats CEO Narek

Dear CoinStats Community, 

It’s a wonderful pleasure for me looking back at 2021. Seeing my vision grow at an incredible rate is truly remarkable. And I can only thank you, CoinStats customers, and the entire team. 

That’s right, this year CoinStats’ stats are through the roof. The experience was amazing. A 400% increase in user numbers and an astounding 1000% growth in revenue. It looked like something you would see in a Hollywood movie.

CoinStats Monthly Active Users 2021

Our team has grown from five friends to an organized and dedicated group of people over the past year. Two successful rounds of fundraising later, one yet to be announced. Team of 50. The plans for CoinStats are also expanding rapidly. There is so much excitement onboard, that the sky’s the limit. 

CoinStats Wallet was launched in 2021. This marked the beginning of our journey to become the “CoinStats Wallet”. Frontpage for crypto and DeFi. It is clear that crypto was just the first stage in a transition to DeFi, which will ultimately bring us financial freedom. It was amazing to see so many of your guys enjoy crypto. Swapping Directly from CoinStats, with no transaction fees

Another feature that’s a part of the bigger DeFi picture we unrolled was NFT Support. You’ve probably noticed your collection appear in a separate tab of your CoinStats portfolio.  

We see the problem with DeFi and crypto as having to hop around between too many platforms and markets. That’s why we aim to become the one-spot destinationYou can manage and track your portfolio. That means that you have access to all your assets as well as the ability to perform transactions right from CoinStats.

CoinStats team

There are many opportunities for traders and retail investors who want data-based decision making. The future of CoinStats looks bright. We plan to launch DeFi Earning and a single NFT marketplace in the near future. We can provide you with personalized investment advice. As we unroll new DeFi services in Q1, we’re projected to experience at least 5x user growth!  

Our users are the ones who make CoinStats grow, so we’ve got many new updates and giveaways for you. We are grateful for your support and encouragement of CoinStats. Hope you’re as excited for a bountiful and beautiful 2022, full of new models and approaches, as we are. Stay rocking and we’ll see you on the other side.

Thank you.


Chief Executive Officer @ CoinStats

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