Have the Inu Tokens Finally Found Their Leader in Powered Gaming?

Many cryptocurrencies can thrive within their respective communities due to the decentralization of crypto-sector. The crypto sector currently trades thousands of coins. Some of these cryptocurrencies are memorials, representations of ideas, or other events. Some are more mature and serious than others. Others are meme coins.

Meme coins are cryptocurrencies that have gained popularity quickly, with some more than others, especially if they were based on an internet phenomenon or promotion. It also includes meme coins that were created from jokes, other humorous events, and ideas. Dogecoin is generally considered to be the original meme coin. It was created as a joke in 2013 and has since been widely accepted by most. Apart from paving the way for future meme coins, Dogecoin is also the first “dog coin,” featuring the face of the notorious Shiba Inu dog as its logo. Many other dog tokens, including Dogecoin, have been launched since its popularity and now make huge trading volumes. Following Dogecoin’s success, several dog coins – such as Shiba Inu – began to establish themselves. But, out of all the available dog coins, which one is the clear winner?

Mononoke Inu

Mononoke Inu stands out as an organization that is focused on the community. Inspired by the popular childhood adventure picture, Mononoke Inu’s primary goal is to restore unity to the DeFi sector. It is a platform that seeks to restore trust among DeFi teams and communities by listening continuously to members and engaging them.

Mononoke Inu is also interested in changing the story about mem coins. Since a while, there has been an abundance of untrustworthy and bad actors who exploit crypto-community members. Many times, they make promises, but then fail to keep them. Mononoke Inu is going to show that both the DeFi sector and crypto in general can thrive within a community where there’s honesty and transparency.


The community is at the heart of every Mononoke Inu plan. It divided its current roadmap into phases, with 150,000 holders as the target and a market capitalization of $5 billion at the conclusion of the 4th stage. To build trust and confidence with the public, partnerships are planned with crypto influencers.

Mononoke Inu has also developed a 2D pay-to earn game. The game is web-based, and will be available for both desktop and mobile users. There’s no date yet. Mononoke Inu’s game will be a play-to-earn offering that provides financial incentives to all players taking part. They can make money playing and winning game bosses. To increase your earnings, players will have the option to collect random power-ups.

Players can also earn tokens through regular gameplay. The three highest performing players in each daily contest will get rewards. NFTs will allow players to improve their odds of winning each daily contest. Mononoke Inu is releasing early previews of its final game before the launch. This will allow members to voice their opinion on the final release.

The clear leader

Although it is one of more than 80 “Inu” coins listed on CoinMarketCap, Mononoke Inu clearly leads the pack among Inu tokens and meme coins. Through community participation, Mononoke Inu’s plan for public involvement and general transparency has the potential to bring in the DeFi community in droves.


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