Hashflow (HFT) Announces the List on Cryptocurrency Trading Platform MEXC and Binance on November 7 – Press release Bitcoin News

PRESS RELEASE. MEXC Global will begin listing Hashflow with Binance on November 7th, 2013 at 13:00 UTC. Users can trade HFT(HFT/USDT) and their native token. MEXC launched an HFT deposit competition, with a total prize pool of 5000MX.

HFT is a cross-chain decentralized exchange called Hashflow. The exchange can connect users to professional market makers. It aims at providing zero slippage and low GAS fees, as well as MEV-protected trading experiences. Hashflow currently supports public chains like Ethereum, Polygon and Arbitrum as well as Optimism and Optimism.

Hashflow has many core strengths, including zero slippage and no impermanent lost, bridgeless cross-chain Swaps, MEV (Mineral Extractable Value), resistance, as well as zero slippage.

Hashflow uses the request-for quote (RFQ), model for professional market makers. This differs from AMMs which generate large slippage during transactions. The RFQ model includes on-chain settlement and off-chain pricing. Professional market makers can connect CeFi prices to DeFi using Hashflow. It is easy and trustless. Users will see the same DeFi prices on DeFi than they do on MEXC.

Hashflow makes it possible to use the native-to–native swap function. This eliminates users from having to rely upon cross-chain bridges susceptible to failures. Hashflow doesn’t rely on any external bridges and does not require that users escrow assets on their source chains to create a bridged asset.

According to public information Hashflow received funding in the amount of $3.2 Million from Electric Capital, Alameda Research. Metastable Capital and Galaxy Digital are some other investors.

According to public information, MEXC, established on April 2018, is one of the world’s Top 10 cryptocurrency trading platforms. Spot trading, NFT Index futures and spot trading are the core products. As of September 2022, the platform has exceeded 10 million users, and the platform’s cryptocurrency liquidity has already ranked first in the world. It supports over 160 cryptocurrency futures trading and also offers more than 1,600 spot tradings for cryptocurrency, as well as 400 ETF tradings. MEXC has the fastest trading platform and most trading assets.

Based on M-ResearchMEXC has listed five of the 10 most popular cryptocurrencies for 2021: SHIB (GALA), FTM, MANA, and GALA. Since 2019, close to 100 more projects including DeFi, GameFi and Layer2, Metaverse were listed on Binance. MEXC is ‘the first stop for quality projects.’

As of October 27, among MEXC’s 2022 debut projects, 150 projects have increased by more than 10%. 65 of these projects saw an increase in their value between 10-100% and 86 had an increase over 100%. And the greatest increase is seen for one project, which ranges from 166% up to 479.900%.

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