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Hackers have used typos to install malware on Android smartphones and Windows-based computers. Cyble reports that hackers use a method called typosquatting. It involves registering domains at a distance from the official brand names of companies to obtain data and secret keys.

It could be dangerous for your wallet if you type a web domain incorrectly

Hackers created a network of malware-infected websites that exploit the inaccuracies and typing speed of their users to get to an entrusted website. Cyble, an international cyber security firm and digital risk assessment company, found that these domains are clones of well-known apps and organizations, such as Apkure and Google Play Store.

The domains will prompt users to install the infected app. This will be used as an infection vehicle. The threat actors will be able to infect the target device with ERMAC. This malware trojan allows them access to private information, such as private keys.

It was discovered for the first time in 2021. Attackers can rent it out to others at $5,000 per month.

Hackers are targeting more websites and brands

The report only showed evidence that a few apps and brands were being imitated, but further inspection by another security source has revealed that 27 brand and app names have been targeted. Tiktok is one of these.
Vidmate, Snapchat and Paypal are just a few of the many dev-focused apps available, along with Notepad+, Tor Browser, and more.

This list includes cryptocurrency wallets as well as related sites such as cryptocurrency mining. Tronlink
Metamask and Phantom are also targets. Cosmos wallet, Ethermine, and Phantom are all part of this group. In order to maximise the impact and severity of the attack each of the fake domains have different typo-squatted domains.

Cybel has different tips to help you avoid this attack. It is best to use a search engine to locate the websites of the apps and software you are interested in, and avoid any links or directions posted by blogs.

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How do hackers take advantage of domain names that are misspelled to steal crypto currency? Comment below.

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