Grayscale Removes Bancor (BNT) And Universal Market Access (UMA) From Its DeFi Fund

Grayscale Investment manages a second phase to balance its Grayscale DeFi funds. This round of rebalance inculcate the adjustment of the project’s Digital Large Cap Funds. It marks the company’s second balancing exercise since its launch in July 2021.

An announcement on January 3 revealed the in-depth adjustments to Grayscale’s two funds. The first rebalancing employed the Flexa payment network’s native collateral coin.

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Hence, Grayscale DeFi Fund’s weighting was rebalanced with the addition of AMP. In contrast, Universal Market Access (UMA), Bancor (BNT) were removed during the rebalancing.

Though Grayscale created some adjustments to its funds’ weightings, the Grayscale Digital Large Cap Fund (GDLC) suffered no alteration to its token list. According to Grayscale’s announcement, the rebalancing process is the time to include AMP within a Grayscale investment vehicle.

Flexa’s native token can be used to make crypto payments as well as engage in fiat settlements. This allows merchants to quickly get cryptocurrencies.

Grayscale Rebalancing is a significant process

Following the second rebalancing, the addition AMP increases the number of digital assets included in Grayscale DeFi Funds to 9. The changes to Grayscale Fund reflect the DeFi Index (DFX), of CoinDesk. Uniswap is the component with the largest weighting of all crypto assets. It has 42.33%. The newly added AMP takes up 7.39% of the Fund’s weighting.

Grayscale Bitcoin Trust has a popularity of its own, and now manages $30.1 million in assets. 34.727 shares are up 23% from July 14, 2020 and have risen 59.16% in the 12 month period.

Grayscale DeFi Fund shares are currently at $5.56 It represents an 11.2% jump from its initial price of $5 on Jul 14, 2021. Moreover, the Fund’s assets under management as of its launch period were $11.6 million with a share outstanding of 2.08 million.

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The ‘s performanceGrayscale Bitcoin Trust’s performance and its DeFi Funds is highly above the DeFi Pulse Index (DPI), which is the biggest retail DeFi Index based on the market cap from July 14. It still displays a dip in the DPI of just 2%, despite all the trading volume.

Grayscale Bitcoin
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Grayscale had the largest increase in BTC assets through 2021, out of all ETFs or Corporations that track spot Bitcoin ETFs. At the end of 2018, the Fund had collected 645199 BTC. This account for 71% percent of spot ETF BTC and corporate market holdings.

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