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PRESS RELEASE. It is looking like the dawn of a new beginning for crypto enthusiasts across the globe as the Girles Token – GIRLESThe bar is raised by reports that Cardano (ADA), DogeCoin, (DOGE), holders have been selling off their trending coins to make way for the utility token. Girles Token, the primary currency in the Girles Metaverse’s Girles Metaverse (which includes P2E Alliance and NFT Metaverse), is used to purchase the utility token.

Over the past few years, crypto has experienced a tremendous amount of growth. With increasing usage of blockchain technology as well as the creation of solutions and products such NFTs (and the Metaverse), the market for the cryptocurrency space is growing rapidly. Although many cryptocurrency enthusiasts have succeeded in harnessing the advantages and features of this technology, it is still difficult to understand why they are so popular. The Girles Token – GIRLES.

GIRLES, which is currently on presale in five stages with potential profits of as high as 200% for early bird buyers, has already been launched. Given its unique features and backing of a project, it isn’t surprising that GIRLES has gained so much popularity. GIRLES’ presale is set to close. On 20 Dec 2022It is unique in that it lets every category of users be part of the movement. GIRLES’ presale does not include the whitelist. This allows crypto lovers to experience the spirit of decentralization and creates a stable ecosystem which will prevent sharp price fluctuations when outside investors invest.

For further information about the presale of Girles Token and other aspects of the Girles project, visit – A growing community of Girles members is also available on social media. Twitter, TelegramPlease see the following: Discord.




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