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Digital currencies such as bitcoin and ethereum have lost approximately 10% over the past seven days. However, decentralized finance (defi), has fared better than top crypto assets. A number of defi tokens and blockchain coins as well as metaverse assets such gala and have experienced double-digit gains in the past 24 hours.

TVL at Defi Weathers Crypto Economy Storm

Although bitcoin (BTC), has been just below the $60K mark in consolidation, defi economies and many other crypto assets have experienced decent gains. Statistics from show that on November 9, the total value locked (TVL) in defi protocols tapped $275 billion and today it’s only 6.54% lower at $257 billion. The Curve protocol is the defi protocol and commands an 8% share of $257 billion, with $20.63 trillion TVL.

Games Coins, Defi Tokens, Metaverse Assets Rise Above Market Downturn With Double-Digit Gains
The total value of defi as at November 17th, 2021 across all blockchains according

Curve’s TVL is followed by Makerdao ($18.16B), Aave ($15.59B), Convex Finance ($15.34B), and WBTC ($14.66B), respectively. Solana, Binance Smart Chain and BSC are the top three most popular chains for TVL in defi today. ETH captured $172.22 Billion, or 66.93% (a total of $1.6 billion) in TVL in Defi as of Wednesday. BSC is at $19.56 billion, or 7.60%. SOL is at $13.32billion or 5.17%.

7 Tokens See Double-Digit 24 Hour Gains, Cross-Chain Bridge TVL Dips 6.3% in 30 Days, Uniswap Commands Today’s Top Dex Volume

Today’s top earner is blockchain game coin gala, up 110.4%.’s (CRO). has increased 28.5%. Wax (WAXP), kadena (16.0%) and wonderland (2.8%) have all increased. Avalanche (AVAXX) has risen 14.3%. Curve dao token (CRV – 10%) also increased. These seven coins are the only ones that posted double-digit gains Wednesday amongst the more than 10,000 crypto assets.

Two-digit gains on November 17th, 2021

Notable gainers included theta fuel, which increased 8.3%, the kucoin token, (KCS), which soared 5.2%, and nem, (XEM), which jumped 5.2%. In the 24 hour period, polygon, MATIC, rose by 4.8%. And iota, MIOTA, spiked 4.3%. Dune Analytics data shows that the cross-chain action for Defi crosses has a total value of $23.98 billion with Ronin Bridge selling at $7.5 billion. Bridge TVL shows a 6.3% drop in 30-day cross-chain bridge TVL.

The top five most popular decentralized exchanges (dex), platforms as of November 17, 2021. Avalanche’s Trader Joe witnessed a 15% rise in users Wednesday.

Uniswap, Ethereum, Trader Joe (Avalanche), Quickswap(Polygon), (WAX) and Sunswap. During the last 24 hours, the Avalanche-based Trader Joe saw $150.89 million in dex swaps, while today’s leader Uniswap processed $901 million, according to’s records on November 17.

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