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Oasys is a Web3, compatible, EVM-compatible and gamefi-oriented blockchain project. The first phase launched its mainnet’s first phase on October 25th. This company has received support from AAA gaming firms such as Sega and Ubisoft. It will now start validating all nodes to prepare for the definitive activation which is scheduled to occur on November 8.

Oasys Launches Mainnet Operations

Oasys is a blockchain-based project which aims to provide fast transaction speeds and zero fees for gaming businesses. It has now taken the first steps towards becoming fully operational. It recently revealed that the company has completed the initial phase of activating its mainnet. Validators within the network are now talking with other nodes and trying out the key functions of the blockchain.

21 companies make up the validator set, which includes AAA-names like Sega and Bandai Namco as well Square Enix and Ubisoft. On November 8, the full launch of the mainnet is expected. The chain will start integrating essential parts with the wider ecosystem.

Daiki Moriyama is the director of Oasys.

Mainnet’s launch marks a major step towards creating a public-led, fully functional gaming blockchain. This will revolutionize the game industry and provide immense value for players as well as developers.

The company was audited by Quantstamp (a smart security auditor company), to confirm that its smart contract system is working as it should. Oasys secured $20 million via a private token sale that took place in July. Participation included Republic Capital and Jump Crypto, Huobi, Kucoin as well However, Oasys is working on making the token available to general investors through several exchanges.

Gamefi Focused

Oasys seeks to make a mark in the gamefi market. Oasys offers a user-friendly, fast and ecological gaming platform that eliminates the fee problem. The current sector’s value is $8 billion. It is projected to increase exponentially and reach a total of $50 billion in 2025.

Oasys is already working with several companies in order to utilize its network for Web3-involved projects. Among these is Sega, which will launch its first licensed blockchain game, to be developed by Double Jump Tokyo, using Oasys’ services to integrate Web3 elements.

Square Enix, an AAA gaming company will be exploring the possibility of developing blockchain-based games in a joint venture with Oasys.

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