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PRESS RELEASE. Chicago, IL – 9th January, 2022Denjary Watru, the creator of the Game On NFT™ has dropped an NFT that is sure to become highly sought after by all those who know and understand Bitcoin, its implications for society going forward, and who have an appreciation for the value of digital art. According to Denjary, the inspiration for the Game On NFT™ happened during his routine treadmill workout and while talking on the phone to a friend, attempting to explain Bitcoin.

He was surrounded by images of sports on the walls in his exercise room, and thought about using the football metaphor to help his friend who loves football to understand Bitcoin. Denjary began to sketch some ideas he had gotten from the call when his friend stated that the metaphor helped him. Eleven months later, after assembling a team of creatives, the Game On NFT™ was born.

It is called “The artwork”. Play on because it symbolically characterizes the date that Satoshi (Bitcoin’s inventor) introduced Bitcoin to the world as the first provably scarce digital cash, making the concept of a digital asset a reality, as the beginning of a gutsy resolve to provide an exit from the fiat system. The Game On NFT™ tagline is “Its Game On…Until Its Game Over”.In his artwork, the artist uses more than 21 (21) elements that represent the Bitcoin story and the supporters. The symbolism throughout this piece will be easily recognized by knowledgeable Bitcoin enthusiasts. They’ll also appreciate the thought and care that went into choosing each image or meme to represent a key characteristic of Bitcoin or the network. Bitcoin enthusiasts will often own Bitcoin or have had Bitcoin for a long time. This makes them stakeholders and they will appreciate an NFT that tells the story about Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency that gave rise to the category of digital assets.

Also, since the Game On NFT™ is an inspired, custom, work of art, it differentiates itself from the crowd of randomized computer-generated groupings of pixelated art, that are presently an over-represented segment of the NFT art category. Many others in the crypto community will find the Game On NFT™ highly desirable, Because it’s a custom piece of art, but also an educational tool that can help other people understand Bitcoin and increase its adoption,

The Game On NFT™ is available on the OpenSea platform where prospective owners can choose a one of one seat and row in any of the eight sections, Cypherpunks, Full Nodes, Miners, Developers, Speculators, Maximalist, Merchants, or Consumers. For more information about Game On NFT™, please visit our website at or email us at



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