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Foundry Digital, a digital agency announced Wednesday that it has created Foundryx, a marketplace for bitcoin mining equipment. Foundry claims that the company can access more than 40,000 machines available for resale. In addition to the marketplace launch, the company’s mining operation, Foundry USA, has become the world’s largest bitcoin miner in terms of hashrate.

Mining Pool Foundry USA becomes a top Bitcoin miner, firm unveils new mining machine marketplace with access to 40,000 ASICs

Digital Currency Group (DCG), which is a subsidiary of the Digital Currency Group, announced at the end August 2020 that they had pledged $100 Million to Foundry, a cryptocurrency mining startup. The company was quietly founded in 2019 and ever since the firm’s inception, it has made significant headway in the bitcoin mining industry.

Foundry Launches Bitcoin Mining Machine Marketplace, US Pool Becomes the World's Largest Miner

Foundry, a DCG subsidiary, provides capital, machines and intelligence for digital asset miners. Foundry USA operates the world’s biggest bitcoin mining pool. It has 16.5% global hashrate, or 29.83 Exahash Per Second (EH/s), of hashpower.

During the last couple of month’s Foundry USA has been a top pool, consistently commanding a position in the top five mining pools globally. Foundryx, a market for bitcoin mining equipment launched by Foundryx. It is the world’s largest SHA256-hashpower pool.

Foundry Launches Bitcoin Mining Machine Marketplace, US Pool Becomes the World's Largest Miner

The marketplace matches buyers and sellers of bitcoin mining machines and customers gain access to the company’s inventory and pricing. It reveals that the company has more than 40,000 Bitmain and Microbt machines that are available for delivery in 2022.

Foundry also says that Foundryx customers can also leverage the company’s enterprise-grade products including services like financing, shipping, logistics, and pooled mining via the company’s mining pool Foundry USA.

Foundry Provides a U.S.-Based Secondary Market to Mining Machines

Foundry describes how the company plans to ease the purchase of miners as problems like supply chain issues and shortages of semiconductor chips plague the sector. Some resellers also require large deposits to buy quality machines.

“Foundry solves these problems by providing buyers and sellers with a trusted and reliable U.S.-based secondary market for mining machines,” the company’s announcement explains.

“With the industry’s leading clients and partners, from machine manufacturers to mining companies, we have the market knowledge and data to match the right buyers and sellers, at the right price,” Jeff Burkey, VP of Foundry’s business development department said during the announcement.

Foundry’s marketplace follows the company launching a range of services for 20 crypto staking networks. It has also been partnered this year with many bitcoin mining operators, such as Bitfams (Greenidge Generation Holdings), Bitfams, Hut8, Cleanspark and Core Scientific), Compute North, Bit Digital. Bitdeer, Hive, Compute North, Core Scientific, Compute North and Compute North.

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