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PRICE RELEASE Flynt Finance, a crypto financial services company that is based in Singapore and founded by analysts and former derivatives trade operators, has launched a platform offering structured crypto products. Flynt Finance’s relatively high returns of up to 50% per year has drawn strong interest from crypto yield fans, particularly in the bear market.

Because of their volatile prices, cryptocurrency markets can be viewed as a place to go for high-risk and high-return investments. It can be difficult to manage risk when dealing with such assets, particularly if you don’t have financial experience.

Option trading is a great way to hedge. You can enter into positions that are opposite your asset position. If you anticipate a drop in price, for example, hold spot bitcoin while buying put options. While crypto options may still be a new field, they are great for securing volatile positions in times of strong and weak trends.

Many structured products offer yield through a combination of options and lending. Covered call strategies, or cash covered puts are the easiest and most well-known structured products. Warren Buffet, the legendary investor in Coca-Cola stocks, used it to make premiums.

Covered call strategies for various cryptocurrency have been in high demand since 2021. This is because crypto investors are hungry to get a return on their investments. Since their conception, these strategies have experienced rapid growth and they have held up well in the recent downturn.

After rigorous research and backtesting various strategies, the team at Flynt decided to launch their very own structured product strategy, the “BTC Covered Call Strategy x5”. This strategy sells call option on a weekly schedule and invests any premium into the week following. A proprietary strike price selection algorithm was developed by the team using the entire 3-year trading data of Deribit (a major cryptocurrency options platform). This optimizes returns while minimizing the risk of losing. A key differentiator for Flynt’s product is its use of leverage. Flynt leverages up to five times on its strategies in order to increase returns and decrease loss potential by choosing an additional OTM strike price. Flynt’s website states that they use up to 5 times leverage on their strategies. This allows them to increase the returns and decrease the chance of taking a loss by selecting a further OTM strike price. backtestsThis resulted is an average APR at 47% (including losses), compared with the 15% industry average.

David Seo, CEO of Flynt Finance mentions that “for most people, a non-leveraged covered call strategy should be just fine, but for those that would like to take more risk for higher returns should definitely give Flynt a try. Through Flynt, we aim to provide access to crypto investment strategies for a variety of risk profiles.”

Flynt Financial and The Team

Flynt FinanceThe platform provides structured products and asset management services on cryptocurrency. This team is comprised of Blockchain OGs with extensive experience providing a variety of services such as cryptocurrency exchanges, protocols and dApps. Flynt’s CEO, David Seo was the COO of a leading South Korean exchange, and Victor Park, the CTO has been building robust stock and cryptocurrency trading platforms for the past 20 years. Others have vast experience in a variety of fields, such as financial big data modeling and asset custody services.

Flynt’s team began the new initiative with a bold mission to provide financial freedom to everyone regardless of geography, technology, and privilege.

To ensure transparent communication to the clients on how the deposited funds are used, every strategy executed by the team can be found on Flynt’s website in detail.

Flynt provides bitcoin-covered-call strategy that can generate up to half of the APY. Flynt is committed to continuing to serve the growing crypto-investor market with innovative products.




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