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PRICE RELEASE Miami, FL – As the first and only company publicly known to date to use blockchain technology to fight depression and anxiety, FivebalanceUSA is one of a handful of Companies listed on Coinmarketcap and trading on exchanges that has a real product fighting real world problems. V.O.A has signed a linking agreement for the Company to offer services.

Under the ticker FBN, Fivebalance can be traded on the Mercatox Exchange. At time of writing it’s current price is well under a quarter of a penny. It is important for many reasons, which I will discuss in the article.

  1. According to Coinmarketcap, Fivebalance only has 1 billion coins currently in circulation.
  2. The order book on Mercatox is extremely small, and 50-dollar transactions are what move the price.
  3. James McCoy is the CEO of FBN Coin. He stated that he would like to see 10 cents per coin, although he believes a dollar per coin to be fair value. When asked for the reasoning behind those numbers, he stated “FBN Coin is designed to be an incentive/motivation for users of the mobile app to reach their goals, and to assist in self improvement. According to him, an insignificant coin of no value is not much of an incentive. FBN coins are a kind of Universal basic income. According to him, he’s building relationships and partnerships that will increase the number of users of mobile apps as well as their value. He said money can’t solve everything, but it can help in a lot of cases, and if at least 1 person can benefit from the app, then that’s a great start.”
  4. Fivebalance submitted applications to major exchanges. Their Coinbase and Binance applications remain pending well beyond 8 months. Coinbase indicated in January they would list any coins which were compliant. Fivebalance received their attorney opinion letter and Rossetta was added to their code, per Coinbase’s previous requirements. They met all requirements, and now they wait patiently to see if their application is approved.

FiveBalanceUSA is an innovative startup which has made a self-improvement tool available on Google Play. The app serves people dealing with sub-clinical depression by rewarding them with the FBN cryptocurrency upon achieving their personal customized goals in 5F categories – Fit, Financial, Family, Flair, and Faith.

FiveBalance’s app encourages users to use FBN cryptocurrency in order to achieve their goals.

James also mentioned the premium member incentive. Premium members of Fivebalance will soon receive Shiba Inu coins to help them reach their goals. At the moment, we are still evaluating how to do this. This could be revolutionary, as it would give users multiple rewards to meet their goals. James answered a question about whether DogeCoin could be used as an extra reward, since Elon Musk has recently called Doge “the people’s coin”. Although he respects Mr. Musk for his technological wizardry, he’s just too out of touch with the common folk. James stated that with no disrespect intended towards Mr. Musk’s, but his employees wouldn’t be considered the common people where he comes from. They aim to assist the everyday worker who is struggling every day. These include fast-food workers, city workers, and factory workers. James is a fan of these people and FBN Coin was made for them.

FivebalanceUSA’s mission is to support all people who desire to have a prosperous and productive life. FivebalanceUSA is releasing new articles that provide resources for individuals who are suffering from anxiety and depression as a result of the strains caused by Covid19 and all the other hardships it created. In the mobile app, you will find articles with information about emergency shelters, food, and healthcare as well free counselling, financial aid, and other resources. The mobile app will make these resources available to users who don’t have internet access. “We want to help everyone” James stated.


FivebalanceUSA and Volunteers of America of Greater N.Y have formed a partnership to offer their self-improvement tools to clients of the V.O.A. Volunteers of America will be celebrating their 125th Anniversary of serving Veterans, families in need, homeless individuals, women who have experienced domestic violence and other critical at-risk populations. The Fivebalance app will now be available to all Volunteers of America clients. Volunteers of America serves an average of 1.5 million people annually. With the mental and physical stress created by Covid-19 as well as many other situations, Free resources for individuals to have access to is not just a great idea, it’s mandatory at this point.

You can learn more about Volunteers of America and how they have been helping individuals for over a century on their website

Fivebalance’s mobile app ecosystem

Fivebalance’s mobile app now has a chat feature that allows users with sub-clinical depression or anxiety to talk to others who are experiencing similar problems. The Company intends to build its own ecosystem inside the app complete with Social media video and audio interface, a marketplace where they currently have NFT’s and self improvement novels, and much more. It is anticipated that development will continue through the end-of-the year and into 2022.

Let’s sum it all!

Real Company, with real products, real users, real partners and low market capital. Also, there are pending applications to major exchanges. You have all the right ingredients, at the perfect time.

On their YouTube channel FivebalanceUSA, a video on purchasing FBN coins on Mercatox is available.

For details about the project, the leadership, the company’s whitepaper, and upcoming updates, please visit the provided link: or contact Fivebalance on its Social Media feeds.

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