Five Bitcoin Short Films For A Lazy Holiday Evening: Energy, Money, &… Basket?

The NewsBTC team wishes you a happy holiday. We come bearing gifts. This is the cure for cryptocurrency withdrawal syndrome. Enjoy a relaxing evening of learning all about Bitcoin. The five films, which were all released in 2021, contain all the essential information everyone will need for the coming years. The first four films have Bitcoin, and the fifth has only one detail.

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The films were covered by Bitcoinist, our sister website. Most of the text is derived from these articles. This lazy evening is the perfect time to show these films in NewsBTC. Take a drink of your choice and heat the left-overs. Then, hit the button to play the movie that interest you. Chances are you’ll end up watching them all.

Happy holidays again and happy viewing!

Bitcoin Short #1- “This Machine Greens” (38 mins)

Is Bitcoin mining’s energy consumption a bug or a feature? This documentary’s “thesis is that the process is “a net positive for the environment.” The aim was to “dispels many of the misconceptions about Bitcoin mining.” Directed by  Jamie King, of “Steal This Film” fame, and produced by Enrique Posner and Swan Bitcoin. 

From the Bitcoinist’s coverage, in Part 1They focus on Petrodollars:

“Watch “This Machine Greens” to learn how the US Military literally backs the Petrodollar. Of course, the US Military consumes inexhaustible amounts of energy each year. Find out more about the US deal with Saudi Arabia. US policy was to safeguard the Middle East. The Saudis promised that “The global oil market will be denominated in and conducted with dollars. Ensuring a constant global demand for the currency.” Think about the results of this crucial deal.”

From Bitcoinist’s coverage, in Part 2These experts explain why Bitcoin mining is a good way to finance green energy initiatives.

“According to Alex Gladstein, Bitcoin can fund the “Electrification of new areas and creation of new economic activity.“ This machine greens, if you will. And if we’re talking infrastructure for clean energy, Magdalena Gronowska breaks it down:

 “It’s derisking constructions of renewable energy facilities. It’s derisking it because it’s willing to buy 24/7, 365. And when you have a predictable buyer, a predictable revenue stream, it’s easy to plan out your operations. And that certainty means that that site gets built.”

Bitcoin Short #2- “Human B” (73 mins)

The most comprehensive introduction to Bitcoin that has been produced is this German documentary. On top of that, directors Aaron Mucke and Eva Mühlenbäumer created a slick audiovisual piece that flows like a river and is an aesthetical pleasure to watch. 

Bitcoinist’s coverage of the documentaryIt’s like this:

“Human B” shows us how people in Germany and Austria view the Bitcoin phenomenon. This is a worldwide movement, and it’s important to listen to all the voices out there. The documentary features Bitcoin writers like Anita Posch, Der Gigi, and more. Marc Friedrich, economist and punk rocker, and Friedemann Brenneis, journalist. Jan is a regular person who becomes the star of this show.

It takes a strange left turn as it goes to Caracas (Venezuela) and hears from Juan Jose Pinto, Doctorminer.” There, we hear from Alessandro Cecere AKA El Sultán del Bitcoin, and from Juan José Pinto from Doctorminer.”

#3- “Hard Money” (34 mins)

This isn’t about Bitcoin. Bitcoin is short for money. People might want to refresh their knowledge on the basics of money in order to understand why Bitcoin is important.  This documentary is analogous to the first few chapters of Saifedean Ammous’ “The Bitcoin Standard,” and features sound bites from some of the most important Bitcoin philosophers out there. Richard James directed the film.

Bitcoinist’s coverage of the filmYou will be compelled to view it as follows:

“Watch the “Hard Money documentary and you’ll be able to answer these questions: Why was gold chosen as the premier form of hard currency? What were gold’s “severe flaws”? Is inflation real and what is the government doing to hide it? The relationship between gold and the Dollar was broken. This is how the market lost its connection to reality. How do you define low- and high-time preference?  What can fractional reserve bank create? Why are the institutions that issue debt effectively printing new money?”

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Bitcoin Short #4- “Bitcoin Is Generational Wealth” (15 mins)

This one is not a documentary, even though it uses some of the genre’s techniques. Also, this is the only specimen on this list that didn’t get a positive review from Bitcoinist. What’s the deal? We won’t spoil it for you. You can watch the film and then you can read the text. Matt Hornick directs. Tomer Strolight wrote and narrated the story.

Bitcoinist’s bad review of the filmWe find the following quote:

“Half speculative fiction, half predictive programming, “Bitcoin is Generational Wealth” is in a genre of its own. The film can be made using professional-grade stock footage. But it doesn’t. Could it be the script? Probably. The film shows an idyllic future that every Bitcoiner has dreamt about, but it doesn’t explain how we get there. It takes the “Bitcoin fixes this” meme to its ridiculous extreme.”

#5- “Lynchpin” (21 mins)

This is about amateur basketball. The only thing that ties it to Bitcoin is the fact that Swan and members of the Bitcoin Movie Club funded and produced it. Are these the first or only one of many? Word on the street is that the companies will finance several chapters of this story, but don’t quote us on that. “Lynchpin” was supposed to be a TV show, so it sounds possible on that end. We’ll keep you all posted. Mike Nicoll directs.

Bitcoinist’s presentation of the short filmThey introduced it the following:

“Compton Magic’s Etop Udo-Ema, “America’s most recognized basketball powerbroker,” is “Lynchpin’s” star. Before Covid hit, this charismatic man receives an offer that he can’t refuse. This short movie follows his efforts to find sponsors and form a league. That carries Etop to Roc Nation and its boss Jay Z, who happens to be Puma’s creative director. Everything seems to be moving in the right direction. No one could predict the monkey wrench that hit the world’s engines.”

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And that’s enough Bitcoin for tonight. Have a wonderful holiday!

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