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RELEASE IN PRESSThe popularity of NFTs has exploded and they are now widely used in 2021. NFTs are a great way for artists and content creators to reap the rewards. Trades can also be made with these non-fungible tokens. However, one project in particular is looking to change the way we look at NFTs, and that is Vincent Peter’s ‘Inheritance Art’, provided by Inheritance AI.

Why is this happening?

The NFTs can be used as unique digital assets to show ownership of various items or experiences. NFTs are a technology that has come a long ways since their inception, although there’s still much to be done. However, one feature that many people find particularly vexing is the present market’s lack of subtlety and elegance.

Modern animators study the market and try to replicate them, rather than creating entirely new art forms. Investors and buyers speculate on assets that can be difficult to identify, creating an unstable market.

Use AI with NFTs

AI technology (artificial Intelligence) isn’t new. For a long time, there has been a lot of companies and projects working with it across many industries. It is still a relatively new concept to use AI together with NFTs, which Inheritance AI hopes to capitalize on.

Simply put, Inheritance Art aims to make holographic reproductions of well-known fine art, like those found in museums. These digital artworks are approved by the respective owners and will be created by highly skilled animators who specialize in creating life-like virtual materials and hyper-realistic visuals. Holograms cannot be experienced without spatial reality screens. Although this technology is rare, it exists. The majority of the world’s skill in this discipline is already a part of the Inheritance Art team.

In addition, two-dimensional intelligent non-fungible tokens can be generated. The NFTs can also be linked to databases, and they are capable of natural language processing. They can be used to communicate with people, making them interactive digital products.

What is the point?

The new generation of masterpieces developed by Inheritance Art will transform the NFT sector with the use of cutting-edge technology along with some of the industry’s top artists. These high-quality art NFTs shall be complex, detailed, and lifelike, which is in line with the project’s overall vision of revolutionising how NFTs are perceived.

These tokens, which are non-fungible, can be used to obtain valuable artifacts the owners of the items would not consider selling. The holders of these tokens are likely to be able to offer digital copies of their pieces for a higher price, which opens up opportunities for ownership that might not otherwise exist.

Vincent Peters

Vincent Peters is the Chief Designer of Inheritance art and the Rex Mundi sport analytics platform. Vincent Peters is a West Point grad who studied systems engineering. He also holds graduate degrees in both Oxford (MIT Sloan) and Systems Engineering. He formerly worked at Elon Musk’s SpaceX and Starlink enterprises before launching Inheritance Art.

Vincent opened private galleries of art in Los Angeles to illustrate the future where Inheritance brings memories to life. As artistic representations became better, Vincent was urged by more and more individuals to get into the NFT industry. Inheritance art was created, eager to discover how far this team could push the medium and what new opportunities it might open.

The possibilities are limitless with a technology like NFTs. Inheritance Art may bring something new and valuable to an already flourishing industry. You can find additional information on the official website and through social media channels, such as TwitterFacebook.


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