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French Connection Finance is a crypto that produces dividends and runs on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). FCF is creating an ecosystem to benefit investors while developing real-world products.

This story will cover four exciting aspects of FCF’s project:

1) An innovative, rewarding ecosystem

2) FCF Pay – a premier crypto and fiat payment gateway

3) New partnership (500+ e-commerce and brick & mortar stores)

4. Upcoming exchange listing

The Rewarding Ecosystem

You get paid for doing nothing. Okay, not nothing – but almost nothing. You can simply buy $FCF tokens, hold them and see your dividends grow! FCF’s innovative environment allows you to create a solid source of passive income by investing in FCF.

Dividends can be generated by a tax on every sale, purchase and transfer of FCF tokens. This tax is then sent to a dividend pool, which distributes BNB rewards every 24 hours to all FCF owners.

Holders have received more than $1.3 Million in BNB Rewards so far.

Dividends will be further increased through FCF Pay – a crypto and fiat payment gateway that makes crypto payments easy.

FCF Pay – Making Crypto Payments Easy

Do you want to buy crypto but not have to worry about converting it to fiat and depositing it in your bank. Wait days until the transaction is complete.

FCF Pay has you covered!

FCFPay is an anonymous crypto-fiat payment portal that allows crypto owners to purchase online with cryptocurrency.

Select the cryptocurrency that you wish to purchase and scan it or the wallet ID at an FCF Pay merchant to complete the transaction. This is it!

WooCommerce merchants can now use the FCFPay plugin. Shopify is also available. FCF has also created the technology necessary to allow you to make in-store transactions with crypto.

FCF Pay is more than a practical use case. It also adds three essential features to the FCF ecosystem:

1) Dividend Generation

2) Repurchase

2) Burn

FCF Pay charges a 1.5% processing fee for every purchase (depending upon merchant volume). A percentage of the processing fee is paid to dividend pool. The remainder is used for FCF token purchases that are sent directly to burn wallets.

These features will increase your dividends and buy pressure.

FCF Pay, currently in beta testing, is scheduled for public launch February 2022.

500+ E-Commerce and Brick & Mortar Stores Partner with FCF Pay

FCF has recently signed a deal with a company that partners with more than 500 e-commerce and brick & mortar stores around the world.

FCF Pay is expected to be launched publicly by February.

Upcoming Exchange Listings – Gate.io & KuCoin

FCF prepares for better and bigger exchange listings with FCF Pay’s launch and the growing community of FCF owners (now over 13,000)

FCF may be listed on KuCoin or Gate.io, although it’s not certain when. FCF is now open to millions more investors.


FCF has a unique and lucrative ecosystem. FCF Pay is a real product. There will also be an upcoming exchange listing. It’s difficult to see anything but a bullish outlook.

We encourage you to conduct your own research.

FCF’s official site, blog, provides more information. TwitterThis is how you join the FCF community via Telegram.


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