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In 2023, the European Union will launch an initiative that addresses the metaverse as well as all interactions and activities occurring there. The proposal, which was qualified as ”key” in the State of the Union letter of intent authored by Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, will present several initiatives to clarify Europe’s rules and expectations for the metaverse.

European Union will introduce Meta Regulation Project

Many countries around the world are integrating or adapting their regulations and infrastructure in order to facilitate the many activities already taking place in the metaverse. The European Union bloc is in this process, and has recently announced a union-wide initiative to allow Europe to “thrive in the metaverse.”

The initiative, which was qualified as “key” by European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, is part of what the latest State of the Union letter of intent calls “a Europe fit for the digital age.” Von der Leyen stated that as part of their digital regulation strategy, they “will continue looking at new digital opportunities and trends, such as the metaverse.”

The Commission plans to implement this initiative by 2023. It will take into account different activities in the metaverse.

The importance of initiative

Thierry Breton is the commissioner for the European Union’s internal market. He explained how the commission would focus on preparing this all-encompassing initiative. It will develop standards to improve interoperability between the various metaverses and create institutions to help address them.

Breton noted the necessity for communication among these metaverses.

Private metaverses must be built on open standards. No one private actor should have the keys to the public square. There will be no new Wild West, nor new private monopolies.

To structure the system for group providers of technologies on which the metaverse is based — including software, middleware, other platforms, and 5G — the Virtual and Augmented Reality Industrial Coalition was already launched, an institution that aims to group key stakeholders in these technologies in the area.

Breton said that the institution must identify infrastructure needs to enable the metaverse to thrive. He stated that:

An extensive reflection and discussion will take place on our vision for the infrastructure needed to handle the volume of data as well as the continuous, instant interactions in the metaverses.

Recently, the European Union presented a project that aims to combat counterfeiting using NFTs and blockchain technology.

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