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PRICE RELEASE It is possible to see the connected future in sports and blockchain as it emerges. RögleAnnounced a NFT-driven partnership Locker TokenIt was published earlier today. The partnership, as entailed in an official release, establishes a formal relationship between the two entities while also providing an insight into Rögle’s intention to launch players and in-game moments as NFTs – with the support of Locker blockchain developers.

As part of the partnership, Rögle players will display the Locker logo on the front of team helmets in the upcoming SHL season, while Locker will become the team’s official NFT partner.

“Wen” and Why Locker?

According to some, the Locker ecosystem’s impending launch will include sports-driven and team NFTs. It is part of a larger fan and team engagement strategy. Rögle is the first team in the SHL to provide access to their players and team branding, which can be minted by fans to increase bonds and engagement – between both fans and teams alike.

The moments purchased will be available to sports lovers as a slice of NFT history. There are goals, hits, and even fights between the players.

The Locker ecosystem ultimately looks to position itself as one of the front runners in sports & crypto solutions by working with the biggest teams in relevant sports and “pooling” their respective fan bases into its marketplace. Fans can then buy NFTs during games using the half-time sales of live sporting events.

“Through this partnership, Rögle leads from the front regarding professional sports teams offering NFTs to their fan bases. We are very excited to be part of Rögle and be able to offer fans unique moments digitally.” – Pat Curcio – Locker Token

What’s In It For Rögle?

New off of a Champions Hockey League winner for the 2022 season, Rögle is seemingly looking to capitalize on recent success and expand its reach, allowing teams like Rögle to drive engagement on a fan-by-fan basis, plus monetizing the process with the use of Web3 technology. Also, the mint will allow the Swedish club to begin to attract international audiences.

This exclusive mint will be available in September. You can purchase NFTs via the site. Locker App. The Rögle player and team NFTs will be the first to launch on the Locker NFT Marketplace – available to mint on the mobile app from the outset, with a desktop version soon to follow.

“We are very excited about this partnership. LOCKER token operates in a fascinating industry, and we look forward to being a part of the ever-changing times we live in.” – Kari Litmanen – Rogle Commercial Manager

Let’s take sport to blockchain

Locker Token is looking to bring multiple sports, teams, players, and fans – to the concept of Sports NFTs. While the sporting memorabilia industry is estimated to be worth more than $26billion by 2021 as of now, capital movement and trade have been relatively slow.

Physical products are still the best, but they can be damaged and wear easily. However, with NFTs, these issues are somewhat removed – allowing transfers of NFTs to happen seamlessly – without risk of physical damage to the sporting moment. Locker’s goal is to target NFT lovers. As more sports teams join Locker, it will be easier for the market of Sports NFTs to grow.



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