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Consensys published a blog post on October 11 stating that Metamask, an Ethereum-based wallet, has now added bank-to-crypto instant transfers through the automated clearinghouse (ACH) settlement merchant Sardine.

Metamask users can swap fiat for over 30 crypto tokens

Consensys, a crypto company published Tuesday’s announcement explaining that Metamask now supports bank-to-crypto transfer through Sardine. “With Sardine’s new instant ACH integration, you can buy crypto instantly with no settlement delays,” Consensys explains in the recently published blog post. A crypto-firm added:

Instant ACH makes it possible to place orders in minutes, instead of taking days as a regular ACH order. It also works during holidays and is not compatible with regular ACH.

Metamask users now have the ability to use Sardine’s newly-added feature of transferring their fiat into cryptocurrencies, with a daily maximum limit at $3K. To purchase additional crypto assets, users can spend up to $25K per month or $5K per week. Consensys’s blog post says that not only does Sardine offer quick ACH services it also provides “robust compliance and fraud prevention infrastructure.”

Consensys further mentions that Sardine is leveraged by crypto firms such as Tom Brady’s Autograph, the crypto exchange FTX, and Moonpay. “The company is a leader in real-time fraud detection and allows users to move money faster and safer through its ACH-to-crypto solution,” Consensys details. “Instead of waiting for the money to hit your account in order to use it, Sardine sends you the money instantly, so you don’t have to expect any delays.”

Consensys is not the only official Metamask twitter page. tweeted: “Sardine’s payment system helps combat fraud and allows instant purchases” and summarized how users could start using the newly added feature. Metamask’s web portal on October 15 claims the software is leveraged by “30 million users worldwide.”

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