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The Merge will be executed next week, or approximately four days after now. Ethereum will then transition from proof of work (PoW), to proof-of stake (PoS) within the next week. The Paris upgrade was completed by programmers, according to Ethereum developers.

Ethereum’s 13th and Last Shadow Fork Is Complete

On Friday, social media has been abuzz with chatter about The Merge and Ethereum’s transition from PoW to PoS. ETH developers as well the engineering and research company Nethermind for Ethereum have been featured. revealedNow, the final shadow fork has taken place. Basically, a shadow fork is an upgrade applied to the existing version of Ethereum’s mainnet, and the public, in general, is unaware of the testing phase.

ETH developers are currently executing 13 shadow forks with success, starting with the final shadow fork. “Transition in Mainnet-Shadow fork-13 (the last shadow fork before The Merge) was successful for all Nethermind nodes,” the researchers from Nethermind said on Friday. Moreover, there’s a shadow net scanner, a shadow net mainnet explorer, and a shadow net Beacon Chain explorer as well, to help with testing. published a report on Bellatrix, a pre-Merge upgrade that took place on September 6. This was the last pre-Merge transition prior to the Paris Upgrade. Paris will initiate The Merge. An Ethereum validator will then mine the subsequent block after the last PoW Block has been mined. If that block is mined successfully by a validator then the Merge will be complete.

“MSF13 merged earlier today, we saw attestation rate drop to -97%,” an Ethereum developer wroteAfter the shadow fork. “This was due to some stale data on one node that I forgot to clear up, the node thought it was on the wrong shadow fork. No other client incompatibility issues were seen.”

The Friday shadow fork was completed successfully, signaling the readiness of The Merge. Entities running ETH software will have to upgrade. Some people were happy for the shadow fork. Others weren’t. criticized Ethereum and called it “centralized.” On Saturday, following the 13th shadow fork, the test was discussedYou can save a lot on social media channels such as Reddit and Twitter.

The Merge will execute when the network hits a Total Terminal Difficulty (TTD) value on the execution layer, which will be 58750000000000000000000. The Merge will execute approximately 4 days after the date of this post, which is September 14, 2022.

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