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December 20, 2021

Seedify and Gamefi have been the most popular gaming launchpads within the blockchain sector. ERTHA was pleased to launch there, and the community pools were sold in just 53 seconds and 32 seconds, respectively.

To support, ERTHA metaverse (Heroes of Might and Magic) is an economic and social game-type that has been inspired by Binance Smart Blockchain. By choosing specializations, users can investigate and explore the globe. You also have the option to grow your country and nonfungible token (NFT).

ERTHA’s globe consists of 350,000 HEX land plots, represented as NFTs. As a landowner, you can earn income by owning a HEX plot.

This game simulates a real life environment and the activities people must perform to make a living.

Ertha’s world is a complex and intricately designed playspace ripe for the creation of new governments, economies, and shaky alliances between its player base. In order to keep one step ahead, players will need to balance production, trading, and financial finances.

Ertha offers a rare opportunity to those seeking an introduction to Metaverses gaming and Play-to Earn. These are some of the results from the launchpads.

Seedify: December 19, 2021

Seedify, a trusted incubator and launchpad of blockchain gaming platforms and gamers offers an opportunity for its community early access tokens for high-potential project before they become listed on crypto exchanges.

In 53 seconds, Seedify IGO’s Community Pool (19 Dec) was gone

Seedify IGO has raised $300k

GameFi: December 20, 2021

A comprehensive hub for game finance, the platform is focused on catering to blockchain gamers, investors and traders and features a launchpad that’s meant solely for introducing new games.

The Gamefi 20 Dec Community Pool was gone in 32 seconds

Gamefi IGO raises $250k

Red Kite: December 21st, 2021

Red Kite is a unique launchpad that provides decentralized finance (DeFi), and an engaging platform. It’s powered by PolkaFoundry.

Redkite IGO set for 21st of December

250k dollars will be donated

Notably, ERTHA NFT Land Sales are really picking up speed. You have a great opportunity to increase your income generating land.

Visit their official link to learn more about Ertha

NFT Landowners Benefits | NFT Landowner Benefits | Discord | Telegram



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