Ep01- Dr. Ruja – Companion Guide For BBC’s “The Missing Cryptoqueen” Podcast

Is Dr. Ruja Ignatova the cryptocurrency world’s biggest scammer? There are many stories and faces competing for the spot. But none is listed on FBI Most Wanted List. Dr. Ruja, however, is. Great, but, why is NewsBTC revisiting the 2019 true crime podcast “The Missing Cryptoqueen”? Jamie Bartlett (journalist behind this project) just released an episode. 

Do they have any other information? Was Dr. Ruja Ignatova FINDED? The only thing we know for sure is that there’ll be a few new episodes, and that’s all we needed to hear. A BBC production, “The Missing Cryptoqueen” features various music and sound design, witness testimonies, interviews, and sound bites. There’s even original music in this podcast extravaganza. 

NewsBTC will produce companion pieces for each of “The Missing Cryptoqueen.” With summaries, quotes from the episode, and extra material from all over the web, this is the feature people didn’t know they needed. Have this window open as you listen to each episode, it’ll enhance the already phenomenal experience.

You can download episodes You can access the BBC directlyYou can also call it: listen to “The Missing Cryptoqueen” through Apple, Spotify, or iVoox.

About Episode One – Dr. Ruja

The introductory episode features Dr. RujaIgnatova, the OneCoin community and more. The scam is huge, and we learn from the victims as well as the real believers. It begins with Bitcoin and Satoshi Nakamoto’s story, goes to a OneCoin seminar in Mbarara, a town in Western Uganda, and ends with Dr. Ruja’s disappearance in October 2017.

In “The Missing Cryptoqueen’s” first episode also shows us what a charismatic leader could do with bitcoin’s story and narrative. If Dr. Ruja Ignatova didn’t plagiarize, she at least was heavily inspired by Satoshi Nakamoto’s mystique and discourse. We hear Ruja speak about the corrupt financial system and banks. The possibility of bankrolling the unbanked, and the implications for the global economy. About bitcoin’s pizza day story and how that could happen to them.

However, Dr. Ruja’s OneCoin was better than bitcoin. It could even replace Bitcoin.

If you hear this, get out of the way. That should’ve been the witnesses’ first warning. Episode one focuses on the OneLife network. Social part of this scam. OneLife insider and employee in the UK tells us about a victim of OneCoin scam. We also hear a song by an African singer about OneCoin. There’s emotion in all of their voices. Und an unhealed wound.

Near the end, we hear about 2017 and Dr. Ruja’s disappearance from people that were there at the scene. Was there anything more? So far, there are nine more episodes of BBC’s “The Missing Cryptoqueen.” Let’s cover them all. 

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Quotes from Ep. 01 – “Dr. Ruja”

  • “Then, in late 2017, Dr. Ruja disappeared. One of Europe’s richest women, a woman who seemed destined to change the world had vanished.”
  • “It was impossible not to be impressed by Dr. Ruja. She appeared on the front cover of prestigious business magazines, she has degrees from Oxford and Konstanz University and is fluent in several languages.”
  • “Thousands of people were filling stadiums to hear Dr. Ruja talk, to buy OneCoin and join this financial revolution.”
  • “But in October 2017, there was a big OneCoin event in Lisbon, Portugal and Dr. Ruja was scheduled to speak.”

Additional material and episode credits

This guide’s extra material comes courtesy of the podcast series’s IMDB page. In the description, IMDB gives us a good overview of what to expect from “The Missing Cryptoqueen.”

“Dr Ruja Ignatova called herself the Cryptoqueen. After telling people that she invented Bitcoin’s cryptocurrency, they persuaded billions to invest in her financial revolution. After that, she vanished. Why? Jamie Bartlett spent months investigating how she did it for the Missing Cryptoqueen podcast, and trying to figure out where she’s hiding.”

This 2019 clip with producer Georgia Catt also qualifies as a trailer for what’s to come:

And finally, the episode’s credits:

Presenter: Jamie Bartlett
Georgia Catt is the producer
Chris Berube, Story Consultant
Editor: Philip Sellars
Phil Channell – Original music, sound design
Dessislava Stephanova and The London Bulgarian Choir – Original music and voice recordings

You’re part of NewsBTC’s “The Missing Cryptoqueen’s” listening group by just reading these guides. Let’s explore Dr. Ruja Ignatova’s world together.

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