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PRESS RELEASE. Emergent Games is launching a 1,000-piece limited-edition Genesis 0 Cryotag NFs today for massively multiplayer online game (MMORPG). The Resurgence. The NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are offered exclusively via invite-only free mint and confer access to a private portion of the game’s Discord server, airdrops for future tokens and NFTs, whitelisting for future sales, real-life perks on merchandise, and other benefits that have yet to be revealed.

The Resurgence’s first NFT drop offers players a chance to contribute to the central framework of the game. The community’s core component, Cryotags, will allow members to have an influence on every aspect, from smart contracts to lore, of the project. Cryotags’ utility and purpose will evolve alongside The Resurgence’s narrative and are designed to continuously reward early supporters as they embark on their journeys through a post-apocalyptic world.

The Cryotags’ design reflects its practical, in-game functionality. Unlike other NFTs that look cool but don’t necessarily achieve much, we have designed the Cryotags to be upgradable, they have processors, SIM card slots, and USB ports. The NFTs have countdown clocks that remind players when time is up and they were designed to raise tension. Cryotags are crucial for this game. The Resurgence moving forward, and their value will increase as the game’s narrative unfolds.

“Today’s first generation Cryotag drop represents a fundamental step in building a community that puts players first,” says Ian Hambleton, CEO of Emergent Games. “We have a vision for Cryotags to transform alongside The Resurgence’s narrative, and plan to introduce new functionalities according to what we hear from our earliest supporters.”

He adds: “Gen 0 Cryotag owners will be instrumental throughout the development process. We can’t wait to learn and grow alongside them as this ambitious AAA experience comes to life.”

Players who have not received an invite to the mint can still get a Gen 0 Cryotag via a lottery. The Resurgence’s alternate reality game (ARG) The EndBut only for a brief time. Follow The Resurgence Twitter and or join the studio’s Discord channels for updates on Cryotags and other NFTs.

The Resurgence’s first generation free mint represents our commitment to building an experience that prioritizes gameplay and community over profit,” adds Andy Frangos, Co-founder of Emergent Games. “Cryotags will become unique identifiers as the world of The Resurgence takes shape through exciting new projects slated to launch in the near future.”

Part of The Resurgence’s world-building phase, The End is an interactive ‘story-living’ experience that introduces key characters, places and politics. This story is set in the very near future where humanity loses its war against climate change. The EndThis game allows players to see how extreme crises unfold and end up in the dystopian future. The Resurgence.

The EndPlayers play a significant role in The Resurgence’s narrative via active digital channels, including websites and social media platforms. They have the ability to solve mysteries, share data and get rewards with in-game real value.

RevelationYou can find a hacker sim at. Priority oneBoth, which is a survival horror single-player game, will launch in 2023. ThawThe multiplayer survival game ‘The Defendant’ will be available in 2024. ThawEventually, it will be The ResurgenceThe first MMO content of the MMO will be called The Infernal Frontier. The The ResurgenceThe franchise will continue to exist well into 2025.

Play The EndToday is your last chance to get it The Resurgence’s Gen 0 Cryotag NFTs. Subscribe to the newsletter for updates on current and future mints The Resurgence email newsletter via our website: https://www.resurgence-game.io/

For more information about NFTs and to join our growing community, subscribe to our social media channels The ResurgenceCommunity for the latest news.

More Information About Emergent Gaming

Emergent Games, a top metaverse and blockchain game studio, brings together industry experts from Activision, PlayStation and NCsoft with Blockchain technologists from Pluto Labs. Our games are easy to pick up and play, free of jargon, have AAA production values, and offer players the choice to either engage in NFT elements to earn real money or just to have fun.

Our 40-strong team has developed many titles, and they know what it takes for great games to be published. Our goal is to become a leader in Web3 gaming.

Visit https://www.emergent-games.io/ for more information.

Twitter: www.twitter.com/resurgencegame
Telegram: https://t.me/resurgencegamechat
Instagram: www.instagram.com/resurgencegame
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Resurgencegame/

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/resurgence_game/
Discord: https://discord.gg/Resurgencegame




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