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PRESS RELEASE.Dock created an ambassador program to promote future projects and increase brand awareness. The Ambassador program offers rewards in DOCK tokens for various tasks such as translating blog posts and creating content that promotes a launch or update, sharing social media posts, and other related activities.

Dock is seeking ambassadors from a wide variety of skills backgrounds to join the program, they will play an important role in growing and maintaining Dock’s community, set up local language groups, translate blog posts, and could even start a Hackathon on behalf of Dock.

Sign up

This application form should be completed and submitted to Dock. They’ll review the application and get back to any submissions. Before becoming official ambassadors, successful applicants must go through an automated KYC procedure to prove their identity.

Based on the quarter’s output, Dock Ambassadors are paid quarterly. Dock is looking for a number of individuals capable of helping promote Dock’s own content, someone who can manage and maintain, as well as grow the community.

The quantity and quality output will determine the rewards. Dock will give you a guideline when you apply.

CEO of Dock, Nick Lambert commented “The Dock team is growing rapidly and as the project begins to scale, we’d like to grow increasingly stronger ties with our community. I think the Ambassador Program represents a great chance for those active community members to share in the rewards and help promote Dock’s products and projects.”

Dock provided various digital assets and images to assist the applicants who were successful. Ambassadors are encouraged to create their own content and graphics, as long as it adheres to Dock’s brand guidelines. On top of this, Ambassador’s will be able to network with other Ambassadors from all over the world. All Ambassadors are invited to join a Discord chat and share their ideas with the Dock team.

If you are interested in the Dock Ambassador program, please complete the form below and send it to Dock. The successful applicant will have to complete an automated KYC, and then they’ll be able to become Dock Ambassador. You can find more information on their blog.

The Dock

Dock provides a platform that allows developers and businesses to quickly create, manage and display digital credentials. These credentials can be instantly verified using blockchain technology. The Dock utility token (DOCK) plays a key role in aligning incentives across all of the Dock network’s participants including issuers, validators, token holders, and the Dock Association, and ensures collaboration and growth. You can find out more about it here.

Contact the Dock team at for more information.


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