Disney’s Latest Web3 Move Highlights Importance of NFT Attorneys

The Walt Disney Company has announced that it will be hiring a corporate lawyer to provide legal support and advice for NFT products worldwide. Web3’s services are being noticed by major corporations. NFT companies will need skilled legal representation to grow as DeFi and NFT industries expand.

According to the recent job posting by the entertainment conglomerate – Disney is looking for someone who can help it navigate through legal risks and opportunities, and also ensure its NFT products are in compliance with current United States and International laws and regulations.

NFT attorneys help streamline Web3’s operation

This move signals an aggressive push by Disney to stay ahead in the race of “emerging technologies” – NFTs and the Metaverse. It is notable that Disney began exploring NFTs last year, when it started to experiment with these new technologies.

The NFT market, which has soaring values of over $11 billion and growing, is an area for fraud. Scammers often create a fake image of themselves and then sell it. Selling these ‘non-authentic’ coins breaches copyright laws as well contravenes multiple other local regulations.

The best NFT attorneys will protect your company’s assets from pirates and trademark squatters who are looking to steal NFTs. Web3 companies will be best advised by the lawyers on how to avoid costly lawsuits.

GemSet’s panel of NFT attorneys

GemSet, an NFT-focused company that is a top choice, has recently hired a group of NFT lawyers to their advisory board. GemSet will have two attorneys, Eric Galen (Gai Sher) and Eric Galen (Eric Galen). They both have excellent records and are members of the well-respected law firm Greenspoon Marder LLC.

Gai was recently recognized on The National Law Journal’s 2022 Trailblazers list for Cryptocurrency/Blockchain/Fintech Law. She has worked on multiple NFT cases and is very well versed in business law.

Law veteran Mr. Eric Galen leads Greenspoon Marder’s innovation & Technology Group. His unique background in corporate, media, entertainment and Web3 law allows him to assist clients.

His diverse clientele and collaborators include giants like Intel, Microsoft, Doodles, E11even Crypto, Fullscreen, Route, Calm, GameSquare Esports, OPI, Jaunt VR, Baccarat, Blo Dry Bar, Awesomeness TV, Tik Tok, Imagine Entertainment, Milk & Honey, Audiomack, and Haute Living.

GemSet is a set of products that allows you to create your own custom jewelry. 10,000 premier NFTsJohnathan Schultz, a renowned South African artist. His vision is to reimagine contemporary art and seamlessly integrate it into digital art.

End result

GemSet’s research has demonstrated that having an excellent legal team can give buyers the confidence they will receive authentic NFTs. Companies should never underestimate the value of a strong legal team in order to succeed in the crypto space. You can keep up to date with the GemSet NFT Collection by visiting its website and following it on social media for information regarding upcoming sales.


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