DeFi Stocks and How to Invest in It

The term Decentralized Finance, also known as Decentralized Finance, refers to a network of financial apps built upon the Ethereum blockchain. It was built on transparent, trustless blockchain networks and aims to be decentralized without the dependence on intermediaries in financial transactions.

DeFi utilizes blockchain technology and open-source protocols in order to attain its mission of decentralization. Smart contracts define the terms and actions that are required for agreements between buyers, sellers, lenders, and borrowers. These services can be performed electronically rather than manually through a bank or another institution.

DeFi systems can be used on any technology, but the primary goal is to remove intermediaries from transacting parties.

This innovative innovation, DeFi, is outstanding and offers a broad range of financial services. 

If you do your research on the best DeFi stocks, Decentralized Finance stocks can be a good investment. Let’s dive into the details!

What are DeFi stocks

Why should you invest in DeFi Stocks?

DeFi stocks can be purchased for a variety of reasons. Let’s see why investing in them is a great idea:

The ability to access loans

Some people do not have a bank account. Others may be unable to qualify for loans from traditional financial institutions. Procuring loans through banks is difficult, and not a good idea.

DeFi stocks on the contrary offer access to loans from any location. You only need internet access. 

Lower Interest Rates and lower Fees

DeFi platforms offer an excellent alternative to traditional finance’s high transaction fees and interest rates. Direct transactions can be made between two people without the need for intermediaries. This reduces transaction fees while offering lenders and borrowers favorable rates.

Transparency and efficiency in security

DeFi makes use of smart contracts to build protocols that allow financial services to be replicated in an open, transparent, interoperable and transparent manner. These smart contracts can be found on the blockchain and provide a transparent, immutable financial reference. 

Functional and decentralized autonomy

DeFi has a significant advantage over traditional finance in that it doesn’t rely on central banks or regularized money institutions.

Time has demonstrated that stocks markets today can collapse, as illustrated by 2008’s stock market crash. They can also be affected by the interdependence of volatile national governments and more volatile economic and financial policies.

Other drawbacks to investing in centralized financial institutions include corrupt government policies and possible bankruptcy.

DeFi provides an alternative for centralized financing. Investing directly in Defi stocks reduces the risk associated with traditional financial investment. 

How to Invest In DeFi Stocks

Let’s discuss several ways of investing in DeFi stocks below.

How to invest in DeFi stocks

Purchase a DeFi Token

This is the easiest way to invest: buy DeFi coins like Ether, or any other.

Purchasing a  DeFi token gives you access to almost all the DeFi industry.

Deposits in Liquidity Pools

To earn passive income, purchase the relevant token and deposit it in liquidity pools.

Market liquidity can also be described as the price at which tokens are traded within the market. Higher market liquidity means better chances to make a trade or profit. 

By depositing the relevant trading pair, you are contributing to a liquidity fund. Your profits on interest will be greater the higher you deposit and how long you hold them. 

Yield farming

One reason yield farming has become so popular is because of the demand for DeFi network tokens. 

Participants deposit tokens to high-paying DeFi networks or platforms with great interest rates. They then monitor the interest rates and fluctuating incentives on other platforms.

When yield farmers find that another platform has better rates, they transfer their crypto deposits to the appropriate DeFi network. These are done in accordance with interest fluctuations across the network. 

Deciding protocols on governance tokens

You can also invest in DeFi by deciding on the future direction of the governing protocol. DeFi platforms provide the ability to distribute and manage governance tokens across the globe, giving stakeholders agency and responsibility and allowing them to control platform management.

Let’s view buying UNI (Uniswap)  as an example. Uniswap is a governance token, meaning that when you hold it in reserve, you can vote on the token’s protocols. Your Uniswap holdings will affect your ability to make decisions. With the increasing popularity of the platform and its value, you will need to have more Uniswap assets in order to take proactive decisions about its future.

Popular Stocks of DeFi to Invest in

There are many DeFi stock options that you may choose to invest in. Below are some popular options:


Aave is the most well-known DeFi token. It is often referred to as the Bank of Cryptocurrency. Aave is the DeFi platform with most crypto reserves.

Aave allows users to invest in crypto tokens and earn passive income. Aave users have the option to lend tokens in order to obtain collateralized loans. It allows users to maximize their crypto positions and holdings. 


Uniswap can be described as one of most popular and well-respected decentralized exchanges using the Ethereum blockchain.

Uniswap’s smart contract protocol facilitates the financial interaction with Ethereum wallets, creating a  secure, permissionless, and trustless way to trade crypto. 

DeFi Pulse Index

DeFi Pulse Index, which is a tokenized asset and a crypto-exchange-traded fund allows you handpick your DeFi stock investment. It can be purchased on Uniswap.  


Curve (Automated Market Manager) is an AMM that lets you transact stablecoins such as USDC or DAI at lower fees and with less slippage. Curve is also used by several other DeFi networks.

YFI is a decentralized lender, yield farmer, and insurance company. It deploys users’ crypto reserves in other decentralized finance protocols like Compound, dydx, and Aave to provide the most favorable market interest rates. 

YFI has come into existence since DeFi’s early days and has become one of the most valuable tokens on the cryptocurrency market today. has a $1.2 Billion market cap and a value of $34,498.53.

How to Use deFi

You can learn the most about DeFi by interacting with DeFi platforms.

DApps are decentralized applications that can be used easily. You don’t even have to create an account to use them- your Ethereum wallet will suffice. MetaMask, which is an extension for Chrome on Chrome, makes a great choice as an eWallet.

Once you have transferred your tokens, it is easy to access DeFi platform with just a few mouse clicks. Only one step is required to sync your Ethereum wallet with the chosen platform to start reaping the rewards of DeFi.


Platforms like CoinStats make trading easy. To facilitate seamless trading you can link your Metamask or Binance account to your CoinStats Account. 

Learn more about cryptocurrency exchanges, trading platforms and DeFi tokens from the CoinStats Blog.

However, despite its growing popularity, DeFi tech is not failsafe, and you can lose all your money if you invest in a DeFi platform that’s not secure enough. As they rely on smart contracts,  DeFi startups can also fail due to programming errors.

Decentralized insurance is a way to protect against the loss of funds due to faulty smart contracts. 

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