DeFi Stablecoin Platform Beanstalk Suffers ~$80M Hack

Another DeFi platform took a major hit today, as the decentralized, credit-based stablecoin Beanstalk (with it’s stablecoin $BEAN) has broken it’s peg following a roughly $80M hack.

There has been speculative activity all around and many sleuths have followed the movements of money and studied the exploit that likely has Beanstalk Farms out of business.

Let’s look at what we know from the early hours since the hack.

Beanstalk Farms’ Hack: What Went Down

The transaction on Etherscan shows that the hacker used what’s commonly known as a ‘flash loan attack,’ one that has been seen on DeFi protocols previously. The flash loan is a crypto-based way to borrow and pay off a loan at once. It reduces risks for both lenders and borrowers and streamlines processes.

In the Beanstalk Farms hack, the hacker borrowed nearly a third of the BEAN supply, roughly 32 million tokens and utilized Curve Finance’s $3Crv tokens to generate a unique tokens ‘BEAN3CRV-f’ and ‘BEAN3LUSD-f.’

The attacker utilized these two new tokens to deceive Beanstalk’s governance model and gave the hacker a massive majority holding of ‘seeds,’ the platform’s governance token. With such a larger holding of seeds, the hacker had the contractual capability to execute an ’emergency governance action,’ siphoning massive amounts of funds from the Beanstalk contract.

Even a $250K Ukrainian donation was included in the hack. The hacker also created governance proposals 24 hours before the actual execution of flash loan – Source: LSS – USDT

Lossless (LSS) has reached out to Beanstalk; the project is an increasingly-utilized tool to combat against potential hacks. | Source: LSS-USDT on

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What Can The Protocol Do? 

Beanstalk had just celebrated $150M in TVL, $130M in liquidity and an impending market cap of $100M. The protocol has had to pump the brakes, and it’s future is now unclear – with a stark Discord screenshot from admins:


The protocol’s recovery from the event will not be easy to predict. Other Discord screenshots demonstrate that the project isn’t closing down right away, but it isn’t making any commitments towards an eventual rebuild.

publius — Today at 10:47 AM @everyone, we don't rly have much to say atm but wanted to say a few things:  1. we are incredibly sorry that everyone has lost money and is suffering.   2. we are not sure what the best next steps are wrt beanstalk. we feel that the economic model was finally starting to demonstrate its efficacy, which makes this pill even tougher to swallow. one of the things that set Beanstalk apart from other projects was the fair launch, and obviously going forward there will be the baggage around this hack.   3. we want to say thank you to those of you that have reached out to us w your thoughts on how to move forward. we are trying to figure it out.  4. while today is a horrible day, it may also be the start of something good. the lack of VC backing for Beanstalk makes something akin to the wormhole instant recovery highly unlikely, but there may be a path forward. We don't want to comment on next steps until that path is at least visible to us.

Lossless, crypto hacker mitigators have reached out to Beanstalk and will need strong partners in order to recover. Commentors on Beanstalk’s Twitter account have speculated that it was an ‘inside job’ conducted by Beanstalk to leave retail as exit liquidity. However, until more details come to light, it’s all speculation.

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