DeFi Literacy Month: Learn and Earn With Us

We’re excited to launch DeFi Literacy Month of October on CoinStats, a whole month jam-packed with a variety of Events, lectures by partners, articles and other exclusive contentFrom industry professionals. Choosing the DeFi content spree on CoinStats Rewards, you’ll unlock access to insider’s push notification and learn the nitty-gritty of DeFiThus, you can plan for a financial free future.

Future is decentralised finance. Soon people all over the world will be familiar with the tools required to remove intermediaries, and carry out free value transfers without any borders. CoinStats’ DeFi Literacy Month allows CoinStats members to be among the first adopters of DeFi models and tools, and gain valuable skills for the future. 

CoinStats put a lot of effort into preparing a compelling and comprehensive agenda. Our team invited knowledgeable, insightful experts from the field to prepare a detailed content spree covering every aspect of DeFi. This includes swapping, risk management, swapping and more. Get to know the big players in the industry, including SushiSwap (OKC Network), MakerDAO and MakerDAO. 

So, what’s the holdup? Go ahead and use ⚡1000 to claim theGet a DeFi Literacy AwardYou can access exclusive push notifications from a gateway and log in to an online room where you can take closed lecture via PFPchat.

Look out for the announcements we’ll be sending you – DeFi Literacy Month will soon take you on an exciting journey that will open up new vistas in the near future. Make an investment in your future today and you will be more financially secure. 

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