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The David Bowie estate recently announced it is launching a series of non-fungible token (NFT) collectibles called “Bowie on the Blockchain.” Following the official announcement, however, a number of Bowie’s fans chastised the project and called it a pyramid scheme. Bowie’s blockchain collectibles will launch on Opensea on September 13, and proceeds from the sale will go to the global anti-poverty nonprofit Care (care.org).

‘Bowie on the Blockchain’ Digital Collectibles to Launch on September 13 via Opensea — Fans Criticize the NFT Drop

NFTs seem to be a matter of personal opinion. announced “Bowie on the Blockchain” NFT collection has received some backlash. David Bowie, a well-known English actor and singer-songwriter died in January 2016.

Bowie is considered one of the most influential musicians, well known for his album “The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars” and his hit single “Space Oddity.” The NFT collection will feature artwork that pays tribute to Bowie, and the digital collectibles are backed by the David Bowie estate and a Web3 venture called We Love the Arts.

The NFT marketplace Opensea has been teasing the “Bowie on the Blockchain” NFT collection on Twitter and in one particular tweet Opensea said: “On September 13th, David Bowie’s undying influence will impact yet another new frontier as nine of the world’s leading crypto-artists come together to celebrate his legacy and put #BowieOnTheBlockchain.”

David Bowie Estate to Drop 'Bowie on the Blockchain' NFTs, Sale Receives Backlash From Fans

Official announcements confirm that Care will receive all funds raised from the Bowie-centric NFT auction. Bowie’s widow, the supermodel known as Iman, is a care.org global advocate. Many people were critical of the announcement.

“How about we just don’t with the NFT guff and just raise money for charity without using a pyramid scheme,” one user wrote to David Bowie’s official Twitter page. “David Bowie would not want this,” another individual opined. However, a few people disagreed and mentioned how Bowie created “Bowie bonds.” Bowie bonds were asset-backed securities backed by Bowie’s album sales and funds made from live performances.

“He pretty much pioneered it with Bowie Bonds but go off lol,” one person saidI replied to the person who claimed that the deceased musical icon would not like an NFT collection being dropped.

According to Rolling Stone journalist Jon Blistein, Bowie’s estate was “reaching out to get Bowie on the Blockchain.” The estate found the solution in the Web3 venture We Love the Arts and co-founder Andrew Keller mentioned concepts like Bowie Bonds to Blistein in an email.

“The more you think about what the crypto art space really is, the more you realize how ahead of his time Bowie was with some of the ways that he engaged with his fans — be it Bowie Art, Bowie World, Bowie Bonds, Bowie Net,” Keller remarked.

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