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PRESS RELEASE.Curtis Sword on the blockchain is proud to announce its full launch on Android and iOS. The project is the first GameFi-built game designed by the original “The Rise of Dragon” mobile game team. It is also the first 3D ARPG of any size on the blockchain.

You can play fun, blockchain-based games or interact with social networks to explore a variety of services and products. Curtis Sword also offers union members a brand new opportunity to discover their self-worth and dedicate themselves to this new “Meta Universe.”

Curtis Sword Assets Economy

On the blockchain, you will see three types of assets: Curtis Sword Coin CSC (Gold), GOL(Gold), and NFT props. CSC can be used for NFT equipment upgrades and purchases, as well as character items. Pledge mining, etc.

GOL (Gold) is the game’s token. All players can see it on the map. There are many ways to get it. You can trade with NPCs, such as merchants and blacksmiths to get into the treasure mine. GOL can be used for in-game activities like the production of the bulk of the gold, purchasing copy tickets and other such things.

NFT is the game’s third-largest economy. CSC tokens can be exchanged directly from blind boxes to buy unknown NFT products. You also have the option to sell and buy NFT products in parallel. NFT Items can provide you with both predictable income and calculable income. Due to their rarity or combat power, these items can yield large returns.


Curtis Sword Coin is (CSC), and Curtis Sword Coin, (GOL) are digital currencies. Curtis Sword requires an allocation of physical token groups to maintain its scalability.

CSC tokens are available in 210,000,000. Maximum daily production is 120,000. Sword Coin, which will decrease the daily output to 60,000, will activate the production reduction system. When the output is 157.500,000, the platform will activate the production reduction system again. If that happens, the daily output will decrease to 30,000.

The maximum GOL token supply is 100,000,000,000. GOL can be used to buy, trade, or exchange online currencies in the Curtis Sword universe. You must also be aware of the risks associated with it and how economic fluctuation can affect your ability to exchange GOL in Curtis Sword.

It is possible to get GOL tokens for as little as 100,000,000,000, which makes them more accessible and practical than CSC.

Curtis Sword – Join Now!

Everybody has the opportunity to play. By starting from the basics, you can create your game style and choose the props that you want to enhance game enjoyment and increase revenue.

The role of each player in the on-chain terminal depends on how they are playing: copy drawing (survival mode), battle through levels (ranking mode), ladder competition, ranking mode) and treasure mining (pledgemining). A formula that calculates rank and combat strength can give the appropriate gold profit. The initial investment cost’s payback period is currently 10 to 15 days.

Curtis Swords

Curtis Sword, a 3D NFT ARPG on blockchain, is the first to offer this game. It aims to redefine metaverse gaming. It is now available for mobile devices in the IOS as well as Android versions. The game is part of a P2E gaming environment where players face tough bosses to earn lucrative NFTs. You can earn NFTs by collecting digital currency-asset rewards.

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