CryptoDickbutts NFTs Erect Nearly 700% In Daily Sales Volume 

With the support of many influential people, CryptoDickButts’ (CDB), floor price has soared. CDB surged to the top on Sunday surpassing all other NFT collectibles that have significant volumes.

CDB was awarded the sixth spot on OpenSea for NFTs with the highest daily trading volumes. CryptoDickbutts is up a staggering 690% (roughly 290ETH) to reach around $495,000. This surpasses other NFT projects, such as Art Blocks or Cool Cats.

CDB’s trading volume has remarkably increased by over 135% in the last seven days.

K.C.Green is the creator of CryptoDickbutts, a comic-book artist. As a meme that has been spread over various social media channels, the Dickbutts became very popular in 2006.

CryptoDickbutts Soars Following 3.8 ETH Farokh  Investment On CDB

Dickbutts, a collection that includes over 161 NFTs was later referred to as the OG Collection. It came out in March 2021. The Series 2 was followed in August 2021 by the Series 3. This Series 3 included over 5,200 NFTs.

CryptoDickbutts NFT collections amazed everyone, as their sales volume surged after Farokh’s announcement on Rug Radio regarding Farokh’s entry of 3.8 ETH (or roughly $12,000) into CDB.

CryptoDickbutt may not be the most expensive CDB NFT collector you’ll find, but it is still very affordable. It sells at 3 ETH (roughly $5,100) and has seen an increase of 31% in price overnight. It is remarkable that this is the highest CDB price ever, up 163% over the month before.

Major Influencer Support Triggers CDB Price Pump 

In terms of NFT Floor Price, CDB still has a long way to go as it’s currently at the 34th spot, but with CryptoDickbutt’s spike, investor interest and demand has been revived.

It is clear that meme culture has reached its peak, particularly for CDB. CryptoDickbutts seems to be more popular than other NFT projects, but it is still very strong.

The CryptoDickbutt DAO oversees this NFT project, which includes popular figures like ProbCause and Blondish as well as Steve Aoki.

It’s not surprising that CryptoDickbutts has a price pump, but Meltem Demirors (Coinshares Chief Strategy Officer) may be responsible. Demiros recently started these so-called emergency Twitter Spaces.

Apparently, Demirors mentioned, “The Dickbutt community has always been about one thing and one thing only, and that is the universal truth of one D equals one B… I also think that commenting on prices defeats from the overall objective here. The investment aspect of Dickbutts isn’t what they are. Dickbutts are a culture.”

CDB was originally a joke, but it is now regarded seriously by the NFT community. CDB has been able to form partnerships with Silver Jets, Naughty American and other NFT communities.

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