Crypto Exchange, Zonda, Expands To Denmark In A Bid To Boost Its User Base Across Europe

Zonda, the biggest crypto-exchange in Eastern Europe, has expanded to Denmark. This will allow users to buy, trade and maintain over 60+ cryptocurrency assets.

Zonda, one of the most prominent trading platforms for cryptocurrency in Eastern and Central Europe announced that it is expanding to Denmark as part of its ambitions of conquering the continent. The expansion to Copenhagen aims to provide a closer, better and more efficient corporate location for the company’s developers, opening a new pathway to reaching the company’s vision and goals.

Announced Wednesday, the newly-opened facility demonstrates Zonda’s ambitions to become synonymous with crypto in Northern Europe, in a bid to boost crypto adoption across the continent as it did across Eastern and Central Europe. The offices, located at the centre of Copenhagen, will support developers working with the CTO of Zonda, Jakob Lundqvist, to build out Zonda’s technical and fundamental capabilities.

“Working as a CTO, it’s important to have the use of a dedicated office where I can collaborate closely with our skilled team members, especially when so much work today is done remotely,” said Jakob Lundqvist. “Our modern, fully-equipped office provides the perfect location to focus on advancing Zonda’s technological aspirations and developing the tools needed to compete on the world stage.”

This exchange, which has existed since 2014 when crypto was first introduced, has seen a significant increase in its users to 1 million. Furthermore, the exchange has a licence with the Finance Intelligence Unit (FIU) and robust anti-money laundering procedures in place, which ensures traders’ trust and funds are fully secured and compliant with the tough financial laws in Europe.

The platform allows traders to trade, buy and sell more than 60+ cryptocurrency asset pairs. They can do so using fiat currencies, USDT, USDC, BTC, ETH, USDT, and GBP. Zonda also offers simple, intuitive tools and education programs to help users trade from a place of strength.

The platform is one of Europe’s most highly-regulated and trusted exchanges. Both institutional and retail customers can benefit from the advanced technology on offer, which will make trading easier. The platform also offers clients the ZondaPay app for crypto payments and an education program via its Zonda Academy. New developments focussed on safety and customer safety, and a talented tech team. The newly opened Danish office will be one of Europe’s best cryptocurrency exchanges.

Finally, the Danish office is the first step in Zonda’s expansion plans, with the exchange recently moving into the Italian market and already having regulatory approval to operate in Bitcoin-friendly Canada. The exchange plans to grow into the United Kingdom, Switzerland, and other markets in the future, after they have obtained the necessary licenses.


 Image by torben7400 from Pixabay

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