CoinStats Goes DeFi | CoinStats Blog

We’re thrilled to announce the CoinStats launches DeFi tracking. CoinStats’ unique feature allows you to keep track of all your holdings. CoinStats makes it easy to keep track of different types of cryptocurrency. 

You can now track all of the crypto ecosystem through DeFi tracking. CoinStats can track and manage any type of DeFi asset that you may have. More than 1000+ protocols are supported and over 10 chains.

All the Ecosystems at Your Fingertips

CoinStats users now have the ability to save their time by not having to switch between apps and can instead access all of their data from one location. The user interface for the feature has been improved thanks to our dedicated developers. As intuitive as possible 

DeFi tracking was also launched, opening up new opportunities to users who have not yet explored DeFi and included it in their investment strategies. They can now. You can access decentralized financial services without installing any additional apps. 

Here’s what CoinStats CEO Narek GevorgyanThis important market addition, and DeFi overall: 

“As big DeFi brands continue to expand cross-chain, we see better and broader scalability efforts. NFTs have brought DeFi more mainstream attention. CoinStats hopes to capitalize on this opportunity to create new infrastructure that allows users to manage and track their DeFi assets. We’re doing our part in enhancing the user experience with DeFi and working to onboard millions of mainstream users.”

CoinStats focuses on DeFi. The launch of CoinStats marks an important milestone in providing our users with a smooth, all-in one experience. 

Which other features do you want to see in CoinStats’? Tweet @CoinStats us or leave a comment letting us know. 

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