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Rugby League World Cup 2021 takes place in the UK from 15 October to 19 November 2022. CoinEx has been honored to become a sponsor for the prestigious RLWC tournament and have the opportunity of inspiring rugby fans in their cryptocurrency trading endeavors.

CoinEx & RLWC Exclusive Collaboration

CoinEx is now the only cryptocurrency trading platform that has been chosen by the Rugby League World Cup 2021.This is a sign of the exchange’s willingness to work with and develop relationships in other sectors than crypto. While the exchange strives for its vision, the exchange also supports and values the work, dedication and passion of other players.

What made CoinEx choose to sponsor RLWC CoinEx was founded on the idea that financial constraints can be broken down and that anyone can access it. Additionally, CoinEx’s brand philosophy adheres to the principles of sportsmanship advocated by the RLWC. CoinEx is proud to sponsor the RLWC and encourage all dream-seekers.

CoinEx is joining crypto fans worldwide and athletes to celebrate the upcoming RLWC 20201. Together, the world will witness athletes sparing no effort to accomplish their goals as they display “Beyond Your Limits” sportsmanship.CoinEx is proud to sponsor RLWC and help rugby players trade cryptocurrencies with its simple-to-use tools and quick, accessible services.

CoinEx: Why?

CoinEx should be the choice of a crypto trader interested in sports such as the RLWC. CoinEx’s vision is to make crypto accessible to the general public conveniently, e.g. CoinEx is the one-stop-shop for crypto assets. It offers user-friendly features as well as a simple transaction process. It not only supports global traders but also serves as an entry point into the cryptocurrency world for everyone, even newcomers. There are some other things to consider when trading on CoinEx.

  1. Enhancements to security: CoinEx has not experienced a security breach since its inception five years ago. To ensure security, there are several layers of security. CoinEx has a policy to make sure that crypto assets are kept safe and not used for illegal purposes. CoinEx’s commitment to asset protection is what sets it apart from other competitors.
  2. Market leader for the most cryptos that are listed on the CoinEx platform: CoinEx provides premium trading services for crypto traders, with access to over 1000 markets and more than 600 of the most popular cryptos.
  3. Support available in multiple languages and across the globeCoinEx offers trading services in more than 200 countries and regions, in 16 languages. It provides reliable, simple and safe crypto trading services for over 3,000,000 customers around the world.
  4. The simplicity of CoinEx’s products and the number of services provided: The ease of use of CoinEx’s products is a significant benefit. CoinEx’s Web- and Mobile Apps allow users to trade cryptos easily and quickly from anywhere and anytime. CoinEx strives for simple, easy-to use products so that users can trade cryptos instantly with CoinEx products. CoinEx also offers financial services such as CoinEx Dock and AMM.


It is CoinEx’s goal to remain farsighted while providing an outstanding user experience as the market continues to evolve. The team strives to make cryptocurrency trading more convenient and more secure by constantly updating the product and improving the user experience.

In addition, as part of its internationalization strategy, CoinEx intends to provide crypto trading services for more countries and regions on its way to becoming the world’s most user-friendly crypto trading platform. It is also CoinEx’s intention to remain abreast of industry developments and to aggressively expand its business across the ecosystem as the cryptocurrency industry continues to grow.

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