CoinEx Charity Empowers Education and Partners up With Enredo to Introduce Nonprofit Online Courses

The COVID-19 pandemic has made it difficult for students around the globe to obtain education and continue their studies. These are not isolated students. A global education crisis is raging in many countries. Pandemics are causing disruption in societies and economies that is exacerbated by an existing global education crisis. This is affecting education in new ways. CoinEx Charity joined Enredo in Colombia to create a long-term partnership and invest charitable funds. This allows more students access to education.

An “education crisis” under the pandemic

 The closure of schools has had a global impact on 220 million students in tertiary education. Students are now in great uncertainty as a result of the pandemic. It has further exacerbated the crisis. Families and schools must navigate hybrid and remote learning. Some students may not be able to learn due to the pandemic. The global crisis also includes the adverse effects of the unpredicted global economic contraction on family incomes. This increases the chance of student dropouts as well as the contraction in government budgets.

Source: Azevedo

Strategic charity partnerships can help to alleviate education problems

CoinEx Charity has a global reach. The Book Donation Worldwide program was launched in 12 countries by CoinEx Charity in May 2022. CoinEx Charity gave new books and school supplies for 18 schools. They also built new reading rooms. Since the beginning, CoinEx Charity has been focused on improving global education. It is dedicated to improving education equity. The Multi-Million Dollar Charity Fund was created to aid more children in need worldwide, address the education crisis and reduce their learning loss.


CoinEx Charity formed a partnership with a charity to support online education to promote balanced education and help students who are disadvantaged. Enredo, a non-profit organisation with expertise in network building and collaboration, can offer the technology necessary to provide public online courses. CoinEx Charity funds the production. The two organizations have joined forces to create an educational program with free online courses that will allow more people to continue learning while reducing their financial burden.

Most of the online public courses are now complete. In fact, over 20 Colombian schools have access to the free first course. Enredo, CoinEx Charity, and Enredo also promote the course offline. They offer distance learning to many more schools. These courses make it easier for students to access their online education and allow them to learn despite the epidemic.

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 The future outlook of education

While COVID-19 presents a significant challenge for global education, it also offers an opportunity to reform the educational system. Future education will be dominated by online and distance education. Non-profit, public online courses are expected to be an important part of the future education system. CoinEx Charity’s public online courses aim to help students and facilitate the reform of education. In addition, the organization also calls on more charities and kind-hearted individuals to focus on this global education crisis and make joint efforts to help regions that suffer from “learning difficulties” build fair, effective and resilient education systems, empowering children exposed to education risks by personalizing and improving the conventional education approach.

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