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On August 19, a group of loving volunteers visited Hospital Universitario Antonio Patricio de Alcalá (HUAPA) in Cumaná, Venezuela. The volunteers dressed in cartoon characters, such as Spider-Man (or Elsa), and moved between pediatric wards. They also carried books and toys to gift the children. CoinEx Charity is organizing this charity event for Venezuelan children with illness. The event featured cartoon characters played by actors and gifted the children with toys, fruit packs, 500 cakes and 300 fruit packets. CoinEx Charity believes that their children will forget about their illness and feel a sense of relief from the laughter and joy brought on by cartoon characters and toys.

On the day of the event, children welcomed their special “friends” and received toys and gifts. The children also enjoyed playing games with favorite cartoon characters. This brought joy and laughter to the wards. Children were less anxious because of the cheerful atmosphere. They forgot all about their problems and became immersed in the gifts and joy brought by their heroes.

Take care of children who are sick to ensure a healthy childhood

Children are happy and confident because childhood is the most wonderful time of our lives. However, some children may be denied these privileges due to illness. CoinEx Charity created the Multimillion-Dollar Charity Fund in order to better the lives of the most vulnerable people worldwide. The organization has provided financial assistance to poor families with sick children in order to alleviate their mental and financial stress.

CoinEx Charity gathered local actors to help the children at the hospital. They also planned the surprise party. The actors dressed up as children’s beloved cartoon characters, bringing them closer to their heroes, and encouraged them to fight their illness bravely. It created an amazing cartoon world for children and made a joyful childhood memory. CoinEx Charity provided snacks and gifts for more than 120 children at HUAPA Hospital. These included 200 breakfasts (300 fruit packs, 200 juices), 200 juices, 200 baby supplements, 500 cakes, and 200 muffins. This thoughtful gift was a surprise for the children receiving treatment on the ward. CoinEx Charity received many thanks from doctors and parents, while the children expressed their gratitude by smiling with delight.

CoinEx Charity never stops pursuing its charitable goals. The organization visited Venezuela and also donated supplies to sick children at Uniuyo Teaching Hospital, Nigeria. Recently, it partnered up with the Turkey-based KAÇUV (Hope Foundation for Children with Cancer) to fund children with illness, giving them access to quality education. Each program that is focused on children has impressed the organization with its importance of charity. CoinEx Charity invites everyone to help disadvantaged children and make a difference in their lives and education by donating. We can all work together to ensure that every child has a healthy childhood.

Charity does not stopYou can find it here

Giving back requires dedication. CoinEx Charity is committed to its original mission of supporting disadvantaged communities worldwide. The charity focuses its attention on children living in poverty around the globe. It strives to be a compassionate and caring organisation that is committed to charities while taking real action to fulfill corporate responsibility.

CoinEx Charity is committed to ensuring that these special-needs children have the best possible education and live in the future. The charity also appeals to kindhearted people around the globe to take care of vulnerable children, such as those who are sick or have to deal with difficulties. CoinEx Charity aims to create a positive social environment and provide a joyful childhood for children.



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