Cirus Foundation Launches Web Extension Empowering Users to Earn Crypto from Their Data

These unprecedented times see data privacy rights as well as the financial value of user data being highlighted by mainstream culture. Data oligopoly titans such Meta (formerly Facebook), are racing to be the first to offer the whole world access to the metaverse. You are able to use the wealth of information that they hold about you as leverage for further and deeper descent into their rabbit hole.

But there is an alternate. No longer do Meta, Amazon, Google, and their counterparts have full control over your data and how it’s monetized.

The launch of Google Chrome’s extension by the Cirus Foundation has allowed people around the world to control and monetize data. You get paid crypto using the $CIRUS token.

This is only the beginning of The Extension’s first version

You can find the Crius extension in Chrome Web Store now. This extension allows data sharing, as well as monetization. All users have to do is go into the settings of the extension and turn on the surf n’ earn feature while giving the extension access to location data. That’s pretty much it.

How smart is it to launch the extension?

Cirus intends to give users the ability to access their data via the Cirus Device, which is a router that allows anyone to gather and monetize data from any internet-enabled device in the home. But given many supply chains are experiencing all kinds of shortages in these pandemic times, launching the browser extension gives the whole world access to Cirus without users having to worry about factors outside of everyone’s control. This browser extension allows users to join the ecosystem immediately, so they can own their data and start earning from it sooner than expected.

A new web extension, the Data Vault will be activated. This feature allows you to share data more precisely. The Data Vault will be likely available for Firefox users and Microsoft Edge users. This expands Cirus’ reach and advances its overall mission to empower each user with data ownership.

Cirus ignites the Ownership Economy, and allows users to earn Crypto

Concentrating too much wealth in the hands of the very few isn’t good for most people. As the saying goes, ‘he who has the gold makes the rules.’ Though the world may not have realized it when the Internet first hit the mainstream in the 1990s, data is the new gold, and that gold belongs in the hands of individual users. Cirus is going to give it to them through the project’s own cryptocurrency. The $CIRUS token.

Cirus Foundation Managing Director Michael Luckhoo says the Ownership Economy has arrived and it’s here to stay.

“People didn’t have a clear idea of what they were giving up when they first started surfing the web in the 90s, or when they started browsing social media sites and apps in the 2000s. The times are changing. Cirus will make its users data owners, just like Bitcoin did. Data no longer belongs only to five or four tech giants. Instead, it now belongs to every individual surfing the web.”

Cirus lowers the data ownership barrier to entry in more ways than one

Cirus makes collecting and monetizing data as simple as possible. It takes just one click to download the web extension. Once it’s enabled, it simply sits in the background and tabulates the user’s Cirus tokens. That’s it!

Other platforms might ask you to not block ads on your screen, in order to make payment. Cirus allows you to take more from what you are already doing.

No need to have websites telling you that you can’t view content until you disable blocking or anything like that.

You don’t even need hardware. The Ownership Economy can be joined instantly by users. As future extensions of the extension become available, more functionality will also evolve and empower them when they interact directly with Cirus. This extension is an easy way to get started with Crypto or Web3.

The best part is, the $CIRUS token already lives on Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, and the Ethereum blockchain, which means it’s accessible to a big chunk of the crypto market that conducts most of its transactions within those ecosystems. Given the size and scope of Cirus’ mission, other blockchains are most certainly going to host the token too.

You are equipped with 58,000 followersCirus has a vision and a team of experts on Twitter. They also have an extremely easy-to use web extension. Cirus wants to empower Internet users in ways that the data titans will not entertain.

It’s time for the billions of web surfers around the world to reclaim what was technology’s first-ever digital asset; data.


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