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China’s government presented an action plan for virtual and augmented reality in their lives. It includes the research and development of multiple technologies. This includes research on odor simplification technology.

China’s Government includes Odor Simulation Research in Virtual Reality Plans

The Chinese government released a plan on Nov. 1 that describes the future development of virtual reality, augmented reality and metaverse technology in China for the next four-years. This plan calls for 25 million headsets to be made each year through 2026. Also, it requires that an investigation is done to improve the functionality of these devices.

It calls for a study of new technologies in simulation. This research includes “gesture tracking, eye tracking, expression tracking, full-body motion capture, immersive sound field, high-precision environmental understanding, and 3D reconstruction technology.” It even includes odor simulation, aiming to bring a literal new sense to what these devices can currently offer.

In addition, 10 VR parks will be created in China to enable citizens to interact with headsets and discover the many possibilities they might provide.

The Mainstream Metaverse

This plan calls for the creation of an open platform on social media that allows citizens to collaborate and carry out tasks. China wants the metaverse to reach more people, and one of the government’s key objectives is to improve the supply capacity of the entire industrial chain, allowing for more comfortable headsets to be produced for the market. This document, however, does not outline how to accomplish this goal.

It is possible that the Chinese government’s emphasis on research will limit the potential reach of metaverse tech. Meta and other companies are working to mainstream the metaverse. The Chinese government’s influence on citizens, as well as the available funds, could help to advance adoption in many fields. It is not clear what the spending plan will amount to and how much funding it will receive.

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