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From ominous speculation about the potential economic fallout of military conflict between Taiwan and China, to markets being flooded with designer watches in the wake of a crypto downturn, to warnings of worse bear markets and soccer franchises pushing forward in the realm of metaverse ambitions, there’s once again never a dull moment in the world of cryptocurrency news. Without further ado, this is your bite-sized digest of the week’s hottest stories from News.

Reports Say Beijing Attacking Taiwan Could Lead to 'Far-Reaching Economic Consequences'

Reports Say Beijing Attacking Taiwan Could Lead to ‘Far-Reaching Economic Consequences’

While the global economy remains gloomy and the war in Ukraine continues, there’s been significant tension between China and Taiwan. The American representative from California, Nancy Pelosi, plans to visit Taiwan this week and White House officials say China is preparing to carry out “military provocations.” Moreover, during the last few weeks, reports note that the global economy could crater if there’s a Chinese military attack on Taiwan.

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Renowned Investor Jim Rogers Warns 'the Worst' Bear Market in His Lifetime Still to Come

Renowned Investor Jim Rogers Warns ‘the Worst’ Bear Market in His Lifetime Is Incoming

Veteran investor Jim Rogers, who co-founded the Quantum Fund with billionaire investor George Soros, has warned that more bear markets are coming and the next one will be “the worst” in his lifetime. He noted that stocks would fall 90% and that investors could lose significant amounts of their money.

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Crypto Downturn Floods Market With Rolex and Patek Watches, Trading Platform Says

Crypto Downturn Floods Market With Patek Watches and Rolex Watches. Trading Platform Says

According to one trading platform, the recent troubles in crypto have led to an increase supply of luxury second-hand watches. The company said that the result has been a decrease in demand for models made by top brands, such as Patek or Rolex, which led to lower prices.

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Barcelona to Invest $100 M in FC Barcelona Metaverse Push, which is dedicated to developing fan engagement tokens in sports organisations, announced that it would invest $100 million into the digital business of FC Barcelona and Barca Studios. will be able to acquire 24.5% ownership in the digital division. It will also have the ability to change the metaverse strategy and Web3 strategies to increase revenue streams.

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