Chainlink (LINK) Performs Well Amidst Market Turns To Red

The price movements are commonplace in crypto markets today. Financial markets worldwide have plummeted ever since the inflation fight started. Today, asset prices fluctuate without warning and crypto winter has only increased the volatility. 

This event was expected to increase market recovery. Ethereum has now launched a proof-of stake mechanism. After the launch of Ethereum, the crypto assets prices dropped and the losses continued for the next 24hrs. 

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The price movement of almost all assets is red right now. Bitcoin, the most popular crypto currency has seen a loss of 2.95% within 24 hours. Ethereum has lost 15.73% over 7 days and 1.70% within 24 hours. Ethereum is the main focus of attention.

Not all is lost. Chainlink LINK is the leader of this group. 

Chainlink LINK gains 9.03% amid market pullback 

Chainlink LINK, one of the most popular cryptocurrencies on September 16, is currently growing at an hour per hour. At the time this article was written, the LINK value is $7.71. That’s an 8.9% gain over 24 hours. It has been very positive to see the price move on September 16. LINK experienced some price drops during its 24-hour trading session, but the red lines were not affected. Intraday high was $7.759, and low was $7.4948. After a drop to $7.60, it recovered its upward momentum. 

If the price rises further, LINK could grow significantly before market closes. The crypto is happy with this gain, as the 7-day price growth has been 2.23%.Source: LINKUSD price chart at

LINK’s price is currently trading above $7.5. | Source: LINKUSD price chart from

Chainlink’s Post-Merge: What could be driving it?

Chainlink’s usefulness in the cryptocurrency space has been proven. This network eliminated the need for oracles to be included in smart contracts. To provide on-chain transaction information with accurate and real-time data, it created a central pool of oracles. Chainlink oracles are able to create smart contracts that can use reliable information. 

A few months back, an analyst Austin Arnold, a crypto analyst, addressed some key factors capable of pushing a crypto project’s value. This was to assist his 1.24million clients. YouTubeSubscribers pick which crypto they should invest during the bearish trend. 

Four popular projects were chosen by the analysts, and Chainlink LINK was selected as their first. According to Arnold, five factors will drive LINK’s future growth after the crypto winter. 

It is important to choose the right team, with the necessary skills and knowledge in managing the network. Additional factors include sufficient funding, strategic partners, solutions to real-life blockchain problems, network positioning within verticals and a good level of financial management. 

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Arnold pointed to these five attributes of Chainlink’s network. He noted how the Oracle network had improved BNB Chain BNB and Polygon MATIC, showing developers’ adoption. 

Chainlink LINK remained stable even during crypto winter chaos in the market. Its price range was $6+ to $8+. The price spiked to $9.28, but then dropped to $8.05. It was at $5.97, the lowest recorded price for LINK between May and September 16, before rebounding to $6.18 on the following day. 

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