Can we trust the Ducatus virtual currency?

The ducatus virtual currency lets you easily earn money, and it then lets you do various online operations, like purchases or donations.

You are probably asking yourself if it’s a new scam like OneCoin, or if investing in Ducatus is a good occasion to get in the cryptocurrency world. We will evaluate together what is hidden behind this virtual currency, and in “ducatus opinions” what cryptocurrency investors think about it.

Ducatus, the story

Ronny Andreas Tome is behind this virtual currency, owner of Ducatus Swiss Pte Ltd. He born in Germany and he lives in Bali, where he founded many successful companies. Tome is undoubtedly a profound connoisseur of the cryptocurrency world, as much as being the first to sell a megaville for over 700.000 dollars in Bitcoin.

Ducatus declares that his is the cryptocurrency of the future, the evolution of Bitcoin, and that he appointed the known cryptocurrency developer Dustin Tramell, to build the operative base.

Ducatus, characteristics

First of all, you have to know that Ducatus isn’t a real cryptocurrency, doesn’t have the base features, in fact:

  • You can’t mine Ducatus Coin as you can only obtain them by buying them from the company itself.
  • It’s not possible to do any kind of operations, or purchases.
  • It doesn’t have a decentralized blockchain system, but it’s all in the hands of Ducatus Swiss Pte Ltd
  • You can’t sell the Ducatus Coin through the normal exchanges.

If you want to enter in the Ducatus world you can simply buy mining packs, they start from 50 euros for the Apprentice category, up to 25.000 euros for the Magnate category, the intermediate packs also have similar names, like Builder, Viceroy or Patron.

You won’t need any knowledge of the world of cryptocurrencies but only your investment, a pay plan if you will promote other mining packs to family or friends.

Ducatus organizes many events that have the purpose of promoting the Ducatus affiliation program, that lets the active member have more earnings.
The quick growth of Ducatus looks like the ideal for networkers and investors.

Here you can find the Italian page of Ducatus on Facebook.

And what about Ravencoin blockchain?

Ducatus opinions

You can’t count opinions on Ducatus on the web. The possibility of earning selling currency packs according to many is a typical Ponzi scheme, a pyramidal scheme that as you know is forbidden by Italian laws.

Many positive ratings towards ducatus on forums or social networks are blatantly fake. Or are written by investors scared thinking that they may have invested in the wrong digital currency.

Finally, the structure of the Ducatus Swiss Pte Ltd society is kind of opaque. The company apparently isn’t based in Switzerland but in Singapore, with branches in the Swiss country, in Dubai and in the Cayman islands.

Conversely others are satisfied by it, they say how it’s easy to access by buying a token pack for just 50 euros. They feel safe for the presence of important figures in the cryptocurrency world in the project Ducatus, like Ronny Andreas Tome and Dustin Trammell.

Reading the paragraph Ducatus opinions, it is clear that the danger of ending up in a situation like that of OneCoin is anything but remote. But in some cases fortune favors the bold, buying a small pack of coins, and following the developments of the Ducatus Coin is not too expensive either.