Caduceus’ Co-Founder Tim Bullman on How They are Shaping the Future of Metaverse

The Metaverse is a hot topic. NewsBTC team sat down with Tim Bullman (co-founder, Caduceus Foundation) to find out more. Caduceus, a blockchain that supports metaverse development and developers to create their own NFT and DeFi, is dedicated to supporting creators and developers. These are excerpts taken from the interview.

Q: We would love to hear more about your path that brought you to Caduceus.

Tim: After successfully launching UK’s first corporate crypto brokerage business, I met my other co-founders. The same vision we shared was that the blockchain industry needs to have a reliable, solid ecosystem in order for the world’s audience to connect with this new technology. The pros and cons of each blockchain feature were analyzed and then we identified a way to make an impact on the Web3 ecosystem and create a strong infrastructure that Web 3 developers can use. Multi-chains will be the future of metaverse in Web3’s era. True metaverses would link all virtual worlds, transfer currency and personal data between them through protocols that cross time, platforms, and devices. Caduceus is actively implementing this idea. Caduceus is currently using the architecture as a foundation to allow independent applications to be developed in the metaverse. These applications will then be connected and integrated in series for a complete system that includes different applications and devices. This prototype will become the Caduceus Metaverse.

Q: Caduceus is trying to figure out what problem?

Tim:Metaverse is an enormous topic and will undoubtedly play a significant role in the future of digital life. But metaverse development has a high requirement for rendering power, and is expensive from various centralized suppliers. With Caduceus’s unique decentralized edge rendering solutions, developers can deliver a more user-friendly, low-cost, highly efficient experience to the audience. Metaverse emphasizes immersive interactive experiences that combine virtual and actual. A market leader who is able to not only develop itself but also influence the trends of metaverse innovation and be inseparable with the support of edge computing and global distributed heterogeneous computing powers and efficient rendering services. Metaverse protocol Caduceus represents a revolutionary new type of metaverse infrastructure. Combining edge computing with blockchain will provide a foundation for reliable and efficient collaboration between multiple vertical industries. The computing and rendering power derived from these resources will be able to meet the demands for Metaverse applications scenarios. This will allow Metaverse users to experience a richer interactive experience.

Q: How do you play a role at Caduceus, then?

Tim:My 25-year experience building and managing companies in capital markets and online markets has given me a lot of knowledge in operational and administrative functionality. My focus will be on the medium and long-term, combining this with an intense drive to support business development. Long-term, we will ensure strong connections to the community as well as wider audiences. This will allow us to align with both their vision and ours.

Q: Caduceus is different than other protocols on the blockchain.

Tim: Four different aspects:

  • Transaction speed is super fast
  • Very low transaction costs
  • Customized consensus mechanism
  • Unique low-cost decentralized edge rendering solution

On top of that, we are building a set of tools to enhance our development environment to make future developers’ life a lot easier. The goal of our project is to reduce the entry barrier so that more talented people can enter this vibrant field.

Q:Which industry verticals and applications do you envision Caduceus being used in?

Tim:This is Caduceus’ original intent. Enterprise-level products are a focus so developers need productivity tools to make their work easier. Therefore, Caduceus considers “performance, robustness, scalability, flexibility, and reliability” with great care in the architectural concept, and provides developers with a decentralized and fully modularized system according to the current market demand of the Metaverse. The blockchain will have lower transaction fees, faster speeds and an emphasis on security. Caduceus is currently releasing the main network. It will also perform multi-stage network optimization, organize internal and externe advantageous resources and make a really easy-to use software.

Caduceus is looking for game developers, metaverse designers, Dex creators, NFT creators, and Dex developers.

Q: Where is it at this point? What date can Caduceus-based projects start to roll out?

Tim:On 28 November, our mainnet version 1.0 was launchedThThe development team has been working hard on version 2.0 since April. This will further improve the network’s efficiency. You can find more information on the official Twitter or Medium account.

We will collaborate with top Web2 companies, leading fashion brands, TV IP and film/film stars and artists to develop popular Metaverse applications and diversify the Caduceus Metaverse. The Caduceus ecosystem is also heavily involved in gaming. Over 40 projects are being uploaded to Caduceus. It is encouraging, especially considering that our mainnet launched in April of this year.

Caduceus has partnered with Hape 3D NFT Fashion brand to develop a NFT scene. They also jointly designed a virtual imaging system for consumers that will allow them to interact directly with brands and cultures in an immersive way. Interact. CMP token is also the tokenomics solution for the Hape ecosystem

Caduceus has joined forces with Bin Zayed Group (Dubai Sovereign Companies), to bring to life the Twin City experience using virtual reality technology. This will create an authentic urban experience in Metaverse.

Light Cycle is Caduceus’ first metaverse platform. Light Cycle was created for entertainment, shopping, sport, movie, music and fashion. This project will bring together sport and the metaverse for an even wider audience.

Q:Please explain what Caduceus is.

Tim:Caduceus, the Metaverse’s first protocol for edge computing and decentralised decentralised rendering is dedicated to offering services like decentralised rendering and edge computing for Metaverse creators and developers. You can see in the introduction that the Metaverse Protocol Caduceus offers the Metaverse the following technologies. These include edge computing technology (Blockchain technology), computing power and rendering resources derived form computing power. Our developer has benefited from the fast transaction speeds and low transaction costs.

Q: How is the community’s interest towards Caduceus?

Tim:People come together to share a common vision and bond, which is what creates communities. Everyone in the caduceus community has reached a useful consensus and agrees to the plan of development. They are also willing to take part in building the community. They can enjoy the benefits of the caduceus growth while at the same time they are able to reap the economic rewards. To this end, we have specially launched a community-exclusive badge NFT “NOVA”. Community members who have NOVA are eligible for CMP tokens airdrops and whitelists to projects within our ecosystem. They also get airdrops from projects within the ecosystem. Caduceus, as an essential part of Caduceus, welcomes all partners. Each member will have the chance to contribute in building community. The combined number of members in our community, across all platforms and channels has already surpassed 800,000.

Q: Are there any important partnerships/collaborations you’d like to share?

Tim:Our recent partnership with Lord Botham is a testament to the success of this cricket legend.

Our journey also began with Hape Prime in London, New York and New York. This brand is a NFT fashion brand that aims to elevate NFT. The project is undergoing exciting developments. Although we are eager to reveal more information, it remains a mystery for the moment.

Also, we have exciting news with inspiring partnerships in the music, filming and sports industries.

August promises to be busy with adoptions and business development throughout the year.

Q:What is the best way to get started with Caduceus?

Tim: We have a very thorough tutorial and guidance on our website, under the ‘Developer section’. You will find clear information about wallet integration, smart contracts deployment, and many other details to help you start your Caduceus adventure.

Tech support is available 24/7. Caduceus is open to all nationalities.

Q: The metaverse is a hot topic right now and people want to get involved in it. What do you think metaverses can offer to businesses and individuals beyond what is currently offered by web2?

Tim:Many countries place great emphasis on emerging technologies. Relevant policies are also supported by it. It can promote economic growth in various countries and the transformation of traditional businesses through the use of new technologies. The Metaverse, despite its current economic climate, is undoubtedly an emerging market that offers huge growth opportunities. Many of the early game companies that are exploring the Metaverse are actively seeking entry strategies. Some even lead projects.

Caduceus is hard at work building a Metaverse Protocol to provide technical support for Metaverse creators and developers. The Metaverse Protocol’s characteristics of large computing power and flexibility allow enterprises to deploy quickly and efficiently. It will also provide a Metaverse infrastructure which can be used by more Web2 businesses, making it very convenient for smaller countries or those that have not yet reached their full potential.

Q:We want to know more about you and your team

Tim:Caduceus is a group of experienced professionals who have deep knowledge in software development, blockchain, financial, banking, technology, entertainment, digital media and finance. All of the professionals in many areas were brought together to share a passion for the new Metaverse.

Q: Do you have any other ideas?

Tim:Our native governance token $CMP was launched by Bitget, MEXC, and Bybit on July 25, 2022. This is my most exciting news. Caduceus users who believe in its value should not miss this opportunity!

$CMP is the Caduceus Metaverse Protocol native Token. It is also an integral part of Caduceus Metaverse ecology. CMP can be seen as an interconnected value between the real and virtual worlds. In Q3 2022, CMP will announce the relevant token mechanism, which includes the promise function of decentralized computing powers nodes and the pledge by CMP to acquire ecological application tokens, NFT and other tokens to enhance the value of CMP and create an ecological and economic closed loop.

Future goals include cross-industry collaboration with top Web2 companies, fashion brands and TV IP.

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