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It is now the crypto winter. It is evident that cryptomania is over. BitCoin (BTC), along with Ethereum, has fallen more than 70% since its high. There’s also a constant drumbeat about news concerning crypto-related companies and funds collapsing. Axie Infinity and its AXS coins, the GameFi giants, have witnessed prices fall. Only sustainable businesses will continue to thrive without constant flow of new funds.


Karmaverse Zombie – Against The Current

GameFi has faced a bear market that is unprecedented in terms of headwinds, negative sentiment, and there are new opportunities. Yield Guild Games SEA, (YGG SEA), has helped move thousands of people from Axie Infinity and Karmaverse Zombie. Other leading guilds, such as Path DAO and Ola GG have also shown their faith in the project’s future by establishing themselves, investing time, and showing confidence.

The Web 3․0 Winter Is Coming: Bucking the Trend With Karmaverse Zombie
※SEA Players playing Karmaverse Zombie together (Credit: PathDAO)

Stability through Investment Support

Karmaverse Zombies is the Karmaverse’s first game on blockchain. It also marks the beginning of a bigger ecosystem where tokens and NFTs can be used in many other games. This means its potential extends far beyond the current downturn, and is part of a long-term vision shared by investors including A&T Capital, Polygon Studios, OKX, and others. These investors provide stability, and demonstrate the company’s commitment to the game as well as the greater metaverse that it will contribute by being a part.

The Web 3․0 Winter Is Coming: Bucking the Trend With Karmaverse Zombie

Each month, over 10K new players are added

Karmaverse Zombie has seen a rapid growth in its userbase despite the general bear market for GameFi. There are currently over 50,000 players. The 30 day retention rate is 94%, and the 60 day retention rate is 86%. These numbers demonstrate the effectiveness of the PAE model to retain players and create a sustainable growth model. This has enabled Karmaverse Zombie continue expanding its user base.

Polygon’s Top 3 Most Active Games

Based on DappRadar’s data, Karmaverse Zombie is already ranked 3rd by number of users on the Polygon Chain. The resilience and strength of projects built upon solid foundations will be evident as the crypto winter freezes in.

The Web 3․0 Winter Is Coming: Bucking the Trend With Karmaverse Zombie
※Karmaverse’s current user count on Polygon (Source: DappRadar)

Stable Growth in Token Value

With a growing base of active players, the price for Karmaverse Zombie’s primary tokens of Knots and Serum has been steadily growing over time. The tokens’ value is not based in speculation about short-term gains, but rather on actual player engagement. This shows that players enjoy the game, are willing to invest their money, and get value back. The steady rate of return provided by the game’s tokens, especially Knots, demonstrates how the PAE mindset provides growth and a high RoI even during a bear market.

The Web 3․0 Winter Is Coming: Bucking the Trend With Karmaverse Zombie
※Karmaverse Zombie’s Knot price vs BTC (Source: CoinMarketCap)

Place Players and Gameplay first

The Karmaverse will one day span multiple games genres, but the Karmaverse Zombie is the only game that can be called Karmaverse. world’s first Play and Earn (PAE) game.Play 2 Earn (P2E), games were the main focus. PAE, however, shifts that focus to gameplay and enjoyment. Players can earn by engaging in fun gameplay rather than having to do tedious tasks to get the payout. PAE games have a primary focus on games. The growth of their value is a result being fun and engaging players, not speculation.

Karmaverse Zombies is a team with extensive experience developing games that last. They are the creators of Guns of Glory, a mobile strategy game. Karmaverse Zombie blends the fun of match-3 with the player-driven, social experience of strategy games to create a game everyone can enjoy. It would be a good innovation for the crypto and gaming industry if players could play games without NFT or token rewards. This will create sustainable growth.

The Web 3․0 Winter Is Coming: Bucking the Trend With Karmaverse Zombie
※Screenshot showing the positive reception among players

Karmaverse Zombie offers a fun and engaging game with a strong economic model. The game is built to last. Players can earn tokens and NFTs no matter what time they start their quest. Karmaverse Zombie, unlike other P2E games that reward only the top players at the expense latecomers, is a PAE-based game. It rewards all players, and gives everyone a chance for earning, so the game will continue to grow.

In an evolving ecosystem, there are many new ways you can play.

Since Karmaverse Zombie launched four months ago, the game has seen new features and events continuously added. These have improved the gameplay, balanced, and offered new opportunities to win rewards with engaging gameplay. In addition to the regular season and ladders that players are familiar with, there have been new challenges and tournaments and double rewards to incubate new fighters. This allows them to play and also earn more.

It’s only the start. Karmaverse is constantly adding new games. Some tokens are transferable between games. Veteran players will be able to receive NFTs, including Karmaverse avatars, that may allow them to use the tokens across different platforms. These can also confer bonuses on various games.

In the long-term, there may be more booms and busts in the cryptocurrency market. Only products that are truly tailored to the players’ wants and needs will be able to guarantee long-term viability. If players are willing to play the game, and their friends encourage them to, then the game will thrive and be sustainable. Investors won’t make a lot of money by trying to get investors to invest in new crazes. The Karmaverse’s long-term vision is of a game ecosystem powered by players for players, with everyone able to contribute, playing, enjoying- and earning.




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