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PRESS RELEASE. 25 Oct 2022 Today’s entertainment PLC was formed. EMERGENCY Entertainment Announcement

Emergent EntertainmentOfficially merges Maze Theory, a London-based videogame studio with Blockchain veterans and developers Pluto digital PLC. This follows a joint venture (Emergent Gaming) that was successful earlier in the year.

Emergent EntertainmentThe company is focused on creating a new generation of entertainment companies that bring audiences together and tell stories using emerging technologies. This new company has a proposed value of $65million and plans to be prepared for an IPO.

Former Executive Vice President of Sony Interactive Entertainment/PlayStation, Simon RutterJoins the business Chairman, Alongside Chief Executive Officer Ian Hambleton Maze Theory’s former CEO.

Simon was with PlayStation for 25+ years. The last 10 years were spent in international leadership. Ian, a 20-year veteran entrepreneur, has founded and managed creative businesses in tech, digital, and green tech.

Simon Rutter, Chairman of the Board and ex-Executive Vice President Sony PlayStation.

Emergent EntertainmentIt reaps the benefits of the combined legacy and expertise of the two entities that have been merged, as well its existing asset and product base and portfolio. This combination gives the company unique capabilities to provide engaging content in various entertainment media, including mixed reality gaming, Web3 games, and Web3 token service.

The company’s new mission is to balance traditional and modern; story telling with technical innovation; established business models that are reliable with new forms of monetisation; and more recent, contemporary business models.

This game studio is made up of more than 60 employees and executives who have extensive experience developing AAA games. They collectively possess four centuries’ worth of knowledge. They have: FIFA, NBA Online, The Sims, Need for Speed, Gran Turismo, Lord of the Rings, Horizon Zero Dawn, Sniper Elite, Peaky Blinders: The King’s Ransom, Doctor Who: Edge of Time, Blood and TruthPlease see the following: PlayStation VR Worlds.

Emergent Entertainment already has agreements with several international entertainment properties. It draws on its experience in creating VR games for famous shows like “The Simpsons.” Doctor Who Peaky BlindersYou can find more VR announcements here.

The company’s first Web3 project, The ResurgenceThe game, currently in development, takes you on an adventure from a present-day disaster to a future that is post-apocalyptic. You have full control of your destiny. The unique survival game is community-based and allows you to use the resources available.

Simon Rutter (CEO Emergent Entertainment) says: “The Emergent Entertainment leadership team is passionate about the creative opportunities offered by the latest technological innovations.”

Ian Hambleton is the CEO “We are excited to bring together AAA game creators and advanced Web3 engineering skills in a way that hasn’t yet been seen. We are laser focused on delivering the best games and experiences using technology that truly benefits players and new audiences.”

About Emergent Entertainment

Emergent Entertainment PLC (or Emergent Entertainment PLC) is an entertainment company of the next generation. It was created by the official merger from Maze Theory, a London-based videogame company and Pluto Digital PLC, which are both web3 technology companies. The company brings storytellers closer to their fans by using new technologies such as VR and AR.

Ian Hambleton is the CEO. He was a serial entrepreneur, and also served as CEO at Maze Theory. Simon Rutter was previously Executive Vice President of Sony PlayStation.

Emergent Entertainment offers engaging entertainment content, including Web3 gaming, mixed reality and Web3 tokens services. This will be available in many genres.

It is the Web3’s first game. The Resurgence, is in development it has signed deals with a number of global entertainment properties, drawing on Maze Theory’s expertise in making VR games for iconic shows such as Doctor Who and Peaky Blinders.

The studio is home to more than 60 game developers and executives who have extensive experience developing AAA games. This team has over four centuries of collective knowledge.




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