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You can find the Fourth of November, one of Times Square’s Countdown screens lit up with artworks depicting five iconic sports heroes, Alexander Ovechkin and Muhammad Ali among them. The ‘LeGENds’ NFT drop was held by Blockasset: a Solana-based sports platform aimed at providing better engagement models for athletes and their fans by pushing the limits of NFTs and fan tokens.

Dosbrak, a world-famous illustrator, created every NFT. It was dedicated to one the five icons of sports: Alexander Ovechkin(hockey), Wayne Rooney [soccer], Muhammad Ali (“boxing”) and Mike Bisping (UFC). All 10,000 items in the generative-art collection sold out within nine minutes and generated $5 million.

Thus, the drop set a new sales record for Solana, which is not Blockasset’s first: earlier this year, Italian soccer captain Giorgio Chiellini launched his “Gladiator” NFT collection in partnership with the platform, successfully breaking the ecosystem’s record at that time.

Explore New Ways of Engaging

Interactivity is a hallmark of sports. COVID-19 imposed many restrictions that limited the ability of athletes to communicate with their followers. Blockasset’s goal is to define what the future of athlete-to-fan relationships will look like, and open new channels for quality interaction in the post-pandemic space.

Holders of Blockasset’s NFTs and fan tokens get access to unique features, such as closed fan-club membership, athlete AMAs, in-person meet-and-greets, monthly draws, exclusive videos and merchandise, a chance to impact athlete’s decisions, and much more. $BLOCK, the native token, takes it further by offering even more ways of engaging with the platform and profiting from it – from direct profits from staking, farming, and getting marketplace discounts, to accessing monthly NFT drops and exclusive events, NFT listing boosting, and governance.

Launchpad and community are only two components of Blockasset’s ecosystem, with more to come. Blockasset will soon launch an NFT Marketplace, which allows users to exchange sports items and create diversified collections. Users can also interact with one other.

It will debut its first title play-to earn in Q2 2022. The $BLOCK token is also used to power the platform. With versatile missions and challenges, it’s expected to make more users flock to the platform, attracted by the vibrancy of the community and the competitive nature of e-sports.

Market introduction of NFT Branded Collections

It is very competitive in the sports club and brand world. Another enticing feature of Blockasset platform is allowing any player from the sector – be it a company or an individual – to set up their own fully branded NFT collections. These NFT collections will fit right in the Blockasset platform’s larger narrative, much like how DeFi and P2E have won from the composable nature blockchain.

This opportunity will allow more participants in the industry to use NFTs to generate new streams of income, engage their communities, and gain new fans. Blockasset’s unique offering will be a success with a large, engaged audience of sports fans around the globe.

Fair fights and honesty have been the hallmarks of sports. In this vein, it’s bolstering to see how decentralization gives the power back to those who actually are in the field – in rain and snow, on mornings and evenings. With its large, engaged community, thought-through tokenomics, as well as low fees, high-speed transaction processing, and a right smack of decentralization provided by Solana’s blockchain solution, Blockasset gets the upper hand as a sturdy first-mover.

To learn more about Blockasset, visit the website & the social media channels.


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